Sunday January 29, 2023
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1/05/14 Rank-and-file Teamster's grievance stops illegal UPS low-wage golf cart delivery Jacksonville, FL
5/05/14 Jacksonville young workers celebrate May Day Jacksonville, FL
2/16/14 Jordan Davis trial verdict fails to deliver justice, the people respond Jacksonville, FL
12/29/14 Jacksonville 19 protesters court dates pushed to Jan. 2015 Jacksonville, FL
2/14/14 Protests grow outside trial of Jordan Davis' killer, jury deliberates fourth day Jacksonville, FL
12/16/14 Jacksonville 19: Police return some seized phones, hold others Jacksonville, Fl
6/16/14 Marissa Alexander retrial pushed to December Jacksonville, FL
7/29/14 Jacksonville Panel demands ‘Stop Angela Corey's war on Black women!’ Jacksonville, Fl
12/02/14 Marissa Alexander accepts plea, avoids possible 60 years in prison Jacksonville, FL
4/28/14 Young Workers of Jacksonville prepare for May Day Jacksonville, FL
5/05/14 Jacksonville postal workers protest Staples and privatization Jacksonville, FL
4/19/14 UPS, FedEx owned by most of the same monopoly banks Jacksonville, FL
10/01/14 Jacksonville wins justice for Jordan Davis Jacksonville, FL
4/28/14 Honors go to civil rights leaders and Jacksonville Progressive Coalition for battling KKK Jacksonville, FL
9/22/14 Retrial of Michael Dunn: Protesters demand justice for Jordan Davis Jacksonville, FL
12/13/14 Jacksonville Progressive Coalition hosts People's Potluck Jacksonville, FL
12/09/14 Eric Garner protesters arrested in Jacksonville Jacksonville, FL
8/17/14 Jacksonville marches for Michael Brown Jacksonville, FL
12/06/14 Justice for Eric Garner protesters in Jacksonville disrupt mayor's holiday event Jacksonville, FL
3/02/14 Florida State Attorney Corey seeks 60-year sentence for Marissa Alexander Jacksonville, FL
2/06/14 Protests outside trial of Jordan Davis' killer continue during opening statements Jacksonville, FL
2/11/14 Racism, national oppression of African Americans at the core of Jordan Davis killing Jacksonville, FL
5/30/14 Jacksonville demands: ‘Angela Corey out now!’ Jacksonville, FL
2/12/14 Verdict expected today in murder trial of Jordan Davis' killer Jacksonville
2/27/14 Statement on the passing of Mayor Chokwe Lumumba Jackson, MS