Wednesday March 22, 2023
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5/11/14 Secretary of Labor Perez willing to meet with Rep. Boehner on Extended Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Washington, D.C.
5/10/14 A mother’s anti-war editorial on #BringBackOurGirls Minneapolis, MN
5/08/14 FRSO celebrates May Day in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
5/07/14 May Day rally and union picket for fired workers in Asheville Asheville, NC
5/07/14 Welcome home Lynne Stewart! San José, CA
5/07/14 FBI questioning Chicago Palestinian community members Chicago, IL
5/06/14 Chicano community protests police checkpoint Los Angeles, CA
5/06/14 Protest against joint U.S./Colombia military exercise in Arizona Tucson, AZ
5/05/14 Ukraine fascists kill many, burn trade unions building in Odessa Ukraine
5/05/14 Jacksonville postal workers protest Staples and privatization Jacksonville, FL
5/05/14 Jacksonville young workers celebrate May Day Jacksonville, FL
5/05/14 The real significance of Cinco de Mayo Tampa, FL
5/05/14 Florida students win vote on Tuition Equity Tallahassee, FL
5/04/14 Senators tell House to vote on Extended Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Washington, DC
5/04/14 Tampa says, “Not1More” at May Day protest Tampa, FL
5/04/14 Gainesville celebrates May Day Gainesville, FL
5/04/14 FRSO hosts May Day panel in Utah Salt Lake City, UT
5/03/14 New U.S. / Philippines military agreement condemned Philippines
5/03/14 May Day march in Milwaukee demands: Stop ICE raids in the courthouses! Milwaukee, WI
5/02/14 LA May Day march demands: No more deportations, legalization for all Los Angeles, CA
5/02/14 More than 1000 march in San José on May 1 San José, CA
5/02/14 Tucson May Day march demands immigrant rights Tucson, AZ
5/02/14 Minnesota May Day march demands drivers licenses, no more deportations Saint Paul, MN
5/01/14 Miami celebrates May Day Miami, FL
5/01/14 Tampa May Day protest demands: “Not one more deportation!” Tampa, FL