Sunday April 2, 2023
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8/30/14 Victory for the resistance in Gaza, as the struggle for a free Palestine continues United States
9/02/14 44 years after Chicano Moratorium, demand of ‘legalization for all’ pushed Los Angeles, California
9/03/14 PFLP mass march and military rally in Gaza upholds resistance Gaza, Palestine
9/03/14 Rasmea Odeh trial set for Nov. 4 Detroit, MI
9/04/14 Welfare Rights Committee holds protest at Governor’s mansion St. Pauls, Minnesota
9/06/14 Police and vigilante murders of African Americans rooted in national oppression United States
9/06/14 Gaza solidarity protest: End U.S. aid to Israel! Columbia Heights, MN
9/07/14 Arlington students march for Palestine Arlington, TX
9/08/14 Job growth slows in August, more people stop job hunting San José, CA
9/08/14 The Pentagon — the climate elephant United States
9/10/14 Embattled Great Lakes woman fights to defend clean water Duluth, MN
9/10/14 Gainesville students hold People's Eulogy for victims of U.S. police and Israeli terror Gainesville, FL
9/10/14 Anti-war leaders oppose Obama’s plans for more war in Mideast Chicago, IL
9/11/14 Victory for campaign against ICE holds in Tampa, FL Tampa, FL
9/12/14 Anti-War activists respond to Obama’s plans to expand war in Iraq, Syria Minneapolis, MN
9/12/14 Senator Franken told: "No more deportations, no more delays, no more excuses" Saint Paul, MN
9/13/14 700 workers on strike at Lear Corporation, UAW fighting to drop two-tier wage system Hammond, IN
9/14/14 Minnesota marks Sabra and Shatila massacre, demands end to U.S. aid to Israel Minneapolis, MN
9/15/14 Auto parts strike achieves major victory - no more two-tier wages at Lear Corporation Hammond, IN
9/15/14 Family members condemn FBI for jailing, killing loved ones Tampa, Fl
9/17/14 FBI returns personal papers to Hatem Abudayyeh Chicago, IL
9/21/14 Students for Justice in Palestine confront Michael Oren Gainesville, FL
9/21/14 Israeli spy drone crashes in Lebanon Lebanon
9/21/14 House Speaker Boehner still blocking extended unemployment benefits, says jobless have ‘sick’ ideas Washington D.C.
9/22/14 Retrial of Michael Dunn: Protesters demand justice for Jordan Davis Jacksonville, FL