Sunday April 2, 2023
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8/17/14 Jacksonville marches for Michael Brown Jacksonville, FL
8/17/14 Police, state troopers attack protesters in Ferguson, MO Ferguson, MO
8/18/14 Florida Gaza supporters show solidarity with the people of Ferguson Miami, FL
8/18/14 PFLP to help rebuild Gaza Gaza, Palestine
8/18/14 Governor Nixon sending National Guard to Ferguson Ferguson, MO
8/18/14 Savannah stands in solidarity with Gaza Savannah, GA
8/19/14 Milwaukee protest stands in solidarity with Ferguson Milwaukee, WI
8/19/14 PFLP salutes the Black struggle in the US: The Empire will fall from within Palestine
8/20/14 Salt Lake City says no to killer police Salt Lake City, UT
8/20/14 Miami protest demands: ‘Justice for Michael Brown’ Miami, FL
8/21/14 Tallahassee demands Justice for Michael Brown Tallahassee, Fl
8/21/14 Tallahassee demands Justice for Michael Brown
8/21/14 Newark protests police murder of Michael Brown Newark, NJ
8/22/14 Mayor Rahm Emanuel speech disrupted at pro-Israel event Chicago, IL
8/22/14 Salt Lake City protest slams police killings Salt Lake City, UT
8/22/14 Unemployment up in 30 states, still no extended unemployment benefits Washington, DC
8/23/14 Milwaukee protesters stand up to police brutality, storm Municipal Court Milwaukee, WI
8/23/14 Minnesota rally shows solidarity with Palestine and Ferguson, MO Minneapolis, MN
8/24/14 Iran brings down Israeli drone Washington, DC
8/26/14 Tampa community fights police brutality, shows solidarity with Mike Brown Tampa, FL
8/27/14 Motion made in federal court to dismiss charges against Rasmea Odeh Chicago, IL
8/27/14 Hatem Abudayyeh: ‘Drop the charges against Rasmea Odeh!’ Milwaukee, WI
8/27/14 Salt Lake City: Justice for Dillon Taylor, Mike Brown, Danielle Willard Salt Lake City, UT
8/27/14 Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine issues statement on ceasefire Gaza, Palestine
8/28/14 Chicago students rally for Michael Brown on first day of school Chicago, IL