Tuesday March 28, 2023
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7/21/14 PFLP condemns Israeli massacre in Gaza City Gaza, Palestine
11/25/14 PFLP denounces racist injustice in Ferguson and the United States, supports resistance against oppression Palestine
2/02/14 PFLP leader Ahmad Sa’adat transferred to Gilboa prison by Israeli authorities Palestine
10/01/14 PFLP leader says stop U.S., European attempts to undermine Palestinian cause and reimpose Oslo Palestine
9/03/14 PFLP mass march and military rally in Gaza upholds resistance Gaza, Palestine
8/19/14 PFLP salutes the Black struggle in the US: The Empire will fall from within Palestine
11/24/14 PFLP says Israeli home demolitions will be met with larger confrontations Palestine
12/14/14 PFLP statement on 47th anniversary founding Palestine
8/18/14 PFLP to help rebuild Gaza Gaza, Palestine
1/15/14 PFLP: 12 years on since the arrest of Ahmad Sa’adat and his comrades Palestine
12/23/14 PFLP: All resistance forces must be prepared to confront the occupation and its attacks Palestine
1/06/14 PFLP: Kerry proposals aim to liquidate Palestinian right to return Palestine
7/10/14 PFLP: Massive assault against civilians in Gaza requires unity and confrontation Gaza, Palestine
7/18/14 PFLP: We reject the so-called ceasefire proposal Gaza, Palestine
8/03/14 PFLP: We will not raise the white flag in the face of massacres Gaza, Palestine
8/03/14 PFLP: We will not raise the white flag in the face of massacres Gaza, Palestine
8/14/14 PFLP: “We are all resistance” campaign organizes youth activities in Maghazi camp Gaza, Palestine
4/17/14 Photos from U of MN protest against war criminal Condoleezza Rice Minneapolis, MN
9/06/14 Police and vigilante murders of African Americans rooted in national oppression United States
2/07/14 Police target the undocumented, we call for moratorium on 30-day car impounds! Los Angeles, CA
8/17/14 Police, state troopers attack protesters in Ferguson, MO Ferguson, MO
11/03/14 Political trial for beloved women’s activist Rasmea Odeh set to begin Nov. 4 Detroit, MI
8/27/14 Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine issues statement on ceasefire Gaza, Palestine
11/17/14 Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine urges escalation of uprising Palestine
6/04/14 Presidential election marked by rallies in Syrian city attacked by foreign-backed armies Homs, Syria