Sunday January 29, 2023
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9/24/14 Minneapolis emergency protest: Stop bombing Syria! Minneapolis, MN
8/08/14 Minneapolis to protest U.S. air attacks on Iraq Minneapolis, MN
11/11/14 University of MN vigil shows solidarity with 43 missing Mexican students Minneapolis, MN
7/21/14 Twin Cities labor activists mark 80th anniversary of historic truckers strike Minneapolis, MN
8/23/14 Minnesota rally shows solidarity with Palestine and Ferguson, MO Minneapolis, MN
11/26/14 Huge sit-in at Minneapolis South High School protests Ferguson verdict Minneapolis, MN
7/10/14 Minneapolis protest demands end to collective punishment of Palestinians Minneapolis, MN
8/06/14 Anti-Zionist Jews say: “Not in our name” Minneapolis, MN
10/23/14 MN protests corporate media silence on Israeli settler violence Minneapolis, MN
3/19/14 Minnesota students confront President Kaler to demand real diversity Minneapolis, MN
4/18/14 Minnesota SDS protest confronts war criminal Condoleezza Rice Minneapolis, MN
9/12/14 Anti-War activists respond to Obama’s plans to expand war in Iraq, Syria Minneapolis, MN
6/27/14 Obama confronted by immigrant rights, anti-war, and environmental protesters in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
10/02/14 Students for a Democratic Society to hold 9th Annual National Convention in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
1/27/14 Twin Cities Fight Back! fundraising event major success Minneapolis, MN
3/30/14 Minneapolis forum on Ukraine crisis and U.S. intervention Minneapolis, MN
5/18/14 Minneapolis protests says: “Stop the wars - ground the drones” Minneapolis, MN
3/08/14 Twin Cities celebrates International Women’s Day 2014 Minneapolis, MN
5/16/14 Minneapolis protest marks Al Nakba, demands end to aid to Israel Minneapolis, MN
8/09/14 Minneapolis protest slams U.S. air war on Iraq Minneapolis, MN
9/23/14 Minneapolis protest demands: Stop U.S. war in Iraq, no U.S. war in Syria Minneapolis, MN
10/28/14 MN protest challenges Senator Franken’s support for Israel Minneapolis, MN
5/30/14 Obama says U.S. will continue war in Afghanistan past 2014 Minneapolis, MN
8/08/14 Hundreds join, thousands witness: Minneapolis Gaza solidarity action Minneapolis, MN
10/13/14 Hatem Abudayyeh speaks on the lessons of Gaza, tasks of U.S. solidarity movement Minneapolis, MN