Wednesday February 8, 2023
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3/17/14 Leftist wins presidency in El Salvador San Salvador, El Salvador
11/09/14 Legalization for All Network statement on mass killing of Mexican students Mexico
2/19/14 Lessons from the UAW’s defeat at Volkswagen United States
12/23/14 Looking ahead to a year of struggle to get legalization for all Tampa, FL
12/31/14 Looking back at the key struggles of 2014 United States
4/09/14 Los Angeles Unified School District Board backs call to stop deportations! Los Angeles, CA
5/01/14 Low-income families protest MN State of the State St. Paul, MN
7/13/14 Major Chicago protest: "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!" Chicago, IL
2/27/14 March commemorates Trayvon Martin killing Newark, NJ
12/02/14 Marissa Alexander accepts plea, avoids possible 60 years in prison Jacksonville, FL
6/16/14 Marissa Alexander retrial pushed to December Jacksonville, FL
7/27/14 Massive Chicago march in solidarity with Gaza Chicago, IL
4/27/14 May Day 2014! Celebrate International Workers’ Day! United States
5/03/14 May Day march in Milwaukee demands: Stop ICE raids in the courthouses! Milwaukee, WI
5/07/14 May Day rally and union picket for fired workers in Asheville Asheville, NC
8/22/14 Mayor Rahm Emanuel speech disrupted at pro-Israel event Chicago, IL
2/20/14 Medea Benjamin speaks with anti-war leaders in Miami Miami, FL
3/09/14 Miami celebrates International Women’s Day Miami, FL
5/01/14 Miami celebrates May Day Miami, FL
9/25/14 Miami joins global Peoples Climate March Miami, FL
8/20/14 Miami protest demands: ‘Justice for Michael Brown’ Miami, FL
12/07/14 Miami protest for Eric Garner shuts down I-195 and international art show Miami, FL
6/23/14 Miami rallies against U.S. intervention in Iraq Miami, FL
8/14/14 Michigan vigil for Michael Brown of Ferguson, MO Grand Rapids, MI
11/26/14 Mike Brown protesters in Miami take to the streets, 2 arrested Miami, FL