Tuesday January 31, 2023
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8/12/14 Minneapolis protest says ‘Let Palestine live’ Minneapolis, MN
8/09/14 Minneapolis protest slams U.S. air war on Iraq Minneapolis, MN
11/11/14 Minneapolis protest slams unjust guilty verdict in case of Rasmea Odeh Minneapolis, MN
10/17/14 Minneapolis protest tells Clinton, Franken, Dayton “No more U.S. wars!” Minneapolis, MN
3/17/14 Minneapolis protests growing danger of a new cold war and U.S. intervention Minneapolis, MN
7/14/14 Minneapolis protests Israeli war on Palestine Minneapolis, MN
5/18/14 Minneapolis protests says: “Stop the wars - ground the drones” Minneapolis, MN
8/08/14 Minneapolis to protest U.S. air attacks on Iraq Minneapolis, MN
8/10/14 Minneapolis vigil shows solidarity with Central American refugee children Minneapolis, MN
12/08/14 Minnesota high school students protest racist police killings Minneapolis, MN
12/07/14 Minnesota marks Human Rights Day by protesting U.S. attacks on human rights Minneapolis, MN
9/14/14 Minnesota marks Sabra and Shatila massacre, demands end to U.S. aid to Israel Minneapolis, MN
5/02/14 Minnesota May Day march demands drivers licenses, no more deportations Saint Paul, MN
12/04/14 Minnesota protest demands: Cut U.S. aid to Mexico Saint Paul, MN
7/13/14 Minnesota protest says: ‘End Israeli terrorism’ Saint Paul, MN
8/23/14 Minnesota rally shows solidarity with Palestine and Ferguson, MO Minneapolis, MN
4/18/14 Minnesota SDS protest confronts war criminal Condoleezza Rice Minneapolis, MN
1/26/14 Minnesota solidarity with imprisoned Palestinian leader Ahmed Sa’adat Saint Paul, MN
3/19/14 Minnesota students confront President Kaler to demand real diversity Minneapolis, MN
11/23/14 Minnesotans march in solidarity with Ayotzinapa students Minneapolis, MN
11/02/14 Minnesotans mobilizing to attend Rasmea Odeh trial Minneapolis, MN
8/14/14 Minnesotans say “No new U.S. war in Iraq” St. Pauls, Minnesota
7/23/14 Minnesotans stand with Gaza, denounce mounting civilian deaths St. Pauls, Minnesota
7/23/14 Minnesotans stand with Gaza, denounce mounting civilian deaths St. Pauls, Minnesota
8/16/14 Missouri Gov. Nixon proclaims ‘state of emergency’ in Ferguson Ferguson, MO