Tuesday June 6, 2023
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12/07/14 Minnesota marks Human Rights Day by protesting U.S. attacks on human rights Minneapolis, MN
3/17/14 Minneapolis protests growing danger of a new cold war and U.S. intervention Minneapolis, MN
10/02/14 Students for a Democratic Society to hold 9th Annual National Convention in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
4/03/14 U of M SDS plans protest against war criminal Condoleezza Rice Minneapolis, MN
7/14/14 Minneapolis protests Israeli war on Palestine Minneapolis, MN
1/23/14 Supreme Court hears case that could make all states ‘right to work’ for public employees Minneapolis, MN
10/31/14 Freedom Road celebrates 65th anniversary of Chinese revolution in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
5/10/14 A mother’s anti-war editorial on #BringBackOurGirls Minneapolis, MN
6/05/14 Immigrant rights activists protest Sheriff Stanek fundraiser Minneapolis, MN
4/17/14 Photos from U of MN protest against war criminal Condoleezza Rice Minneapolis, MN
6/02/14 Protest at MN Senator Klobuchar’s office demands: “Zero troops in Afghanistan” Minneapolis, MN
10/03/14 Protest demands freedom for Palestine, drop the charges against Rasmea Odeh Minneapolis, MN
8/01/14 Minneapolis protest says ‘don’t deport Central American children’ Minneapolis, MN
5/16/14 Victory for U of MN SDS in battle against political repression on campus Minneapolis, MN
2/12/14 Not In Our Name! Anti-War activists confront drones advocate Minneapolis, MN
11/02/14 Minnesotans mobilizing to attend Rasmea Odeh trial Minneapolis, MN
8/09/14 Welfare Rights Committee celebrates victories, will fight to raise welfare grants Minneapolis, MN
11/26/14 500 students rally at the University of Minnesota to protest police brutality Minneapolis, MN
12/08/14 Minnesota high school students protest racist police killings Minneapolis, MN
9/14/14 Minnesota marks Sabra and Shatila massacre, demands end to U.S. aid to Israel Minneapolis, MN
2/17/14 Mother Agnes-Mariam of the Cross speaks to Anti-War activists about Syria Minneapolis, MN
9/28/14 MN protests new wars on Iraq and Syria Minneapolis, MN
11/03/14 Thousands say “We’re not mascots” at Minneapolis protest Minneapolis, MN
8/12/14 Minneapolis protest says ‘Let Palestine live’ Minneapolis, MN
9/24/14 Minneapolis emergency protest: Stop bombing Syria! Minneapolis, MN