Sunday December 4, 2022
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9/29/14 Black and Brown solidarity rally condemns deportations, police brutality in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
11/04/14 Milwaukee community members disrupt Obama’s speech, demand DACA for All! Milwaukee, WI
7/13/14 Large protest in Milwaukee denounces bombing and occupation of Palestine Milwaukee, WI
11/17/14 Milwaukee rallies against verdict in Rasmea Odeh case Milwaukee, WI
3/06/14 Milwaukee protests U.S. intervention in Venezuela Milwaukee, WI
3/02/14 Milwaukee protests ICE raids Milwaukee, WI
2/04/14 Palestine solidarity activists disrupt speech by 'Homeland' TV series creator Milwaukee, WI
1/29/14 Response to the State of the Union address Milwaukee, WI
12/23/14 Outrage grows after DA refuses to bring charges against cop who killed Dontre Hamilton Milwaukee, WI
12/01/14 UW-Milwaukee students stand with Ferguson Milwaukee, WI
5/08/14 FRSO celebrates May Day in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
11/26/14 Hundreds march for Mike Brown in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
2/28/14 UW-Milwaukee protests racial injustice, remembers Trayvon Martin Milwaukee, WI
6/02/14 ICE raids Milwaukee families’ homes and workplaces, community fights back Milwaukee, WI
1/19/14 Protest at Milwaukee County District Attorney's office demands Justice for Corey Stingley Milwaukee, WI
1/29/14 Response to the State of the Union address Milwaukee, WI
7/19/14 Milwaukee rallies against ground invasion of Gaza Milwaukee, WI
12/30/14 Milwaukee fundraiser for Ayotzinapa Milwaukee, WI
6/24/14 Milwaukee activists shut down ICE Milwaukee, WI
12/06/14 Milwaukee rallies in wake of Eric Garner decision Milwaukee, WI
8/27/14 Hatem Abudayyeh: ‘Drop the charges against Rasmea Odeh!’ Milwaukee, WI
11/24/14 Milwaukee vigil for Michael Brown Milwaukee, WI
8/23/14 Milwaukee protesters stand up to police brutality, storm Municipal Court Milwaukee, WI
7/01/14 Harris v. Quinn: Wake up call for labor Minneapolis, MN
3/17/14 Minneapolis protests growing danger of a new cold war and U.S. intervention Minneapolis, MN