Tuesday June 6, 2023
| Last update: Monday at 2:12 PM


Publishedsort icon Title Location
5/29/14 Deportations to continue at a record pace all summer San José, CA
5/28/14 Trial of Rasmea Odeh set for Oct. 21 Detroit, MI
5/27/14 UE leadership releases statement on Ukraine crisis Ukraine
5/27/14 Tucson teach-in on U.S./NATO intervention in Ukraine Tucson, AZ
5/26/14 The Workers’ Party of Belgium (PTB) obtains its first deputies in several parliaments in Belgium Belgium
5/26/14 Another LAPD checkpoint in El Sereno, second this month Los Angeles, CA
5/25/14 Utah march against Monsanto Salt Lake City, UT
5/25/14 Hundreds march against Monsanto in Miami Miami, FL
5/23/14 Tallahassee students speak out against John Thrasher Tallahassee, FL
5/23/14 Monsanto makes war in Colombia Grand Rapids, MI
5/21/14 Rasmea Odeh pleading “NOT guilty,” going to trial Detroit, MI
5/21/14 House Republicans delay efforts to restore Extended Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Washington, D.C.
5/21/14 China slams hacking charges, says U.S. “the biggest cyber bully” Washington D.C.
5/20/14 South Florida commemorates Al Nakba, supports Rasmea Odeh Miami, FL
5/18/14 PFLP condemns Israeli killings at Nakba day commemoration Palestine
5/18/14 Minneapolis protests says: “Stop the wars - ground the drones” Minneapolis, MN
5/17/14 Milwaukee vigil remembers Al Nakba, calls for solidarity with Rasmea Odeh Milwaukee, WI
5/17/14 Utah Protest of U.S. aid to Israel on Al Nakba Salt Lake City, UT
5/16/14 Georgians march against corporate giant Monsanto Savannah, GA
5/16/14 Victory for U of MN SDS in battle against political repression on campus Minneapolis, MN
5/16/14 Minneapolis protest marks Al Nakba, demands end to aid to Israel Minneapolis, MN
5/14/14 Ras Baraka elected mayor of Newark Newark, NJ
5/14/14 Eastern Ukraine voters show courage, unity in the face of fascism Chicago, IL
5/13/14 MN protest to mark Al Nakba: Demand no more aid to Israel Minneapolis, MN
5/13/14 Newark street action exposes U.S. intervention in Ukraine Newark, NJ