Sunday May 22, 2022
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7/31/13 Kerry speaks of ‘unshakable bond’ with Israel, praises negotiators Washington, DC
5/02/13 LA May Day: Thousands of militant marchers demand ‘Legalization for all now!’ Los Angeles, CA
8/21/13 LA protest demand justice for Trayvon Martin, self-determination for Black nation Los Angeles, CA
8/28/13 LA protest to demand ‘No U.S. military attacks on Syria’ Los Angeles, CA
4/23/13 Labor activist and author Joe Burns speaks to Jacksonville union members on ‘Reviving the Strike’ Jacksonville, FL
10/04/13 Large numbers of uninsured swamp Affordable Care Act Exchanges opening day San José, CA
8/09/13 LCO Harvest Camp: There will be no mine in the Penokees Hayward, WI
7/06/13 Leader of Communist Party of China says ‘Stay with socialism, serve the people’ China
6/30/13 Legalization For All network on Senate immigration reform bill United States
1/26/13 Local 1199 demands: ‘Don’t kick Grace Alexander out of her home!’ Jersey City, NJ
4/08/13 Long Awaited News: Margaret Thatcher dead at 87 United Kingdom
11/13/13 Low income women tell Sen. Amy Klobuchar: ‘Undo the Food Stamp cuts!’ Minneapolis, MN
1/15/13 Low-income people go to MN governor’s mansion, tell Dayton to raise welfare grants Minnesota
4/28/13 Major May Day march to demand ‘Legalization for all’ planned in LA Los Angeles, CA
10/15/13 Marissa Alexander to receive new trial, protesters demand 'Free Marissa now' Jacksonville, FL
2/17/13 Massive march in D.C. demands action on climate change Washington, DC
7/17/13 Massive Minneapolis march demands justice for Trayvon and Terrance Minneapolis, MN
5/24/13 May 28-31 week of action to demand legalization for all undocumented immigrants United States
4/30/13 May Day 2013: The people’s struggle is growing United States
5/02/13 May Day: Thousands rally for immigrant rights in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
12/01/13 MCTC Professor Shannon Gibney disciplined for teaching about structural racism Minneapolis, MN
9/26/13 Medea Benjamin will join Midwest protest to say, 'No killer drone for Boeing!” Chicago, IL
3/31/13 Memphis protest against the Klan Memphis, TN
8/30/13 Miami anti-war activists, Syrians join together to protest U.S. war on Syria Miami, FL
9/02/13 Miami anti-war group urges protests across Florida against war with Syria Miami, FL