Friday February 3, 2023
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4/18/13 Poverty-ville at MN state capitol Saint Paul, Minnesota
2/09/13 Police escort UW-Milwaukee students after sit-in to get Palermo’s Pizza off campus Milwaukee, WI
11/19/13 Philippines: Police, armed thugs attack peasants during typhoon tragedy Philippines
8/14/13 PFLP: Settlement construction once again exposes deceptiveness of “negotiations” Palestine
7/21/13 PFLP: Return to negotiations is political suicide, endangers Palestinian cause Palestine
7/18/13 PFLP: Prawer Plan is latest step in the ongoing Nakba and must inspire resistance Palestine
9/14/13 PFLP: On the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Oslo accords Palestine
7/01/13 PFLP: Kerry’s diplomatic tour is a cover for Netanyahu’s racism Palestine
11/29/13 PFLP: Iran agreement is a counterweight to advocates of aggression, war and occupation Palestine
5/27/13 PFLP: Hawking’s stand is a model for the convergence of ethics, science and justice Palestine
1/17/13 PFLP: French refusal to release Georges Ibrahim Abdallah exposes French legal discrimination and hypocrisy Palestine
6/09/13 PFLP: Capitalist normalization is an attack on the Palestinian cause Palestine
10/13/13 PFLP: Boycott occupation elections in Jerusalem Palestine
7/08/13 PFLP: Meetings with occupiers in the Knesset unacceptable normalization with Zionism Palestine
8/25/13 PFLP welcomes prisoner release: continue grassroots campaign to bring down Oslo Palestine
2/07/13 PFLP speaks out against Israeli attack on Syria Syria
12/22/13 PFLP reviews past, make plans for future Palestine
8/06/13 PFLP leader warns “Palestinian leadership marching towards “Oslo 2″ Palestine
7/26/13 PFLP leader Sa’adat: Take to the streets on Sunday to demonstrate against negotiations Palestine
2/04/13 PFLP leader Leila Khaled speaks out on Syria, imperialist intervention in Middle East Palestine
6/05/13 PFLP leader Leila Khaled in solidarity with protests in Turkey Turkey
1/03/13 PFLP is targeted by occupation because it is committed to resistance Palestine
4/22/13 PFLP greets the prisoners, steadfast heroes of the struggle, on Palestinian Prisoners Day Palestine
8/27/13 PFLP condemns U.S. threats and Western aggression against Syria Palestine
11/02/13 Petition effort in support of Rasmea Odeh under way Chicago, IL