Sunday December 4, 2022
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8/12/13 ‘Black August’ honors freedom fighters Durham, NC
8/12/13 Filipino Americans condemn moves to increase U.S. troops in the Philippines United States
8/11/13 Welfare Rights celebrates victories, looks ahead to new battles Minneapolis, MN
8/10/13 Anti-war leaders condemn U.S. drone strikes on Yemen Minneapolis, MN
8/10/13 Negotiations between UPS and IBT Local 89 set for Aug. 13 Louisville, KY
8/09/13 Ethiopian military plane goes down in Mogadishu Somalia
8/09/13 LCO Harvest Camp: There will be no mine in the Penokees Hayward, WI
8/09/13 Asheville rally against NC abortion ban Asheville,NC
8/07/13 10,000 join Ashville Mountain Moral Monday protest Asheville, NC
8/07/13 Protests for justice for Trayvon Martin continue in San José San José, CA
8/06/13 PFLP leader warns “Palestinian leadership marching towards “Oslo 2″ Palestine
8/05/13 U of M AFSCME workers rally, march against attack on health care Minneapolis, MN
8/05/13 Hundreds of laundry workers on strike Saint Paul, MN
8/04/13 Chicago anti-war leader Joe Iosbaker speaks out on Syria Chicago, IL
8/03/13 FRSO congratulates Robert Mugabe, ZANU-PF on Zimbabwe election win United States
8/03/13 Zimbabwe reelects Robert Mugabe as president Zimbabwe
8/02/13 Dream Defenders sit-in continues Tallahassee, FL
8/01/13 Statement: Palestinians in North America say NO to the resumption of negotiations United States
7/31/13 Kerry speaks of ‘unshakable bond’ with Israel, praises negotiators Washington, DC
7/30/13 Minneapolis: 250 Rally with Brother Ali, Haphduzn for eviction blockade concert at Ceballos home Minneapolis, MN
7/30/13 126-mile Walk for Dignity to Sanford, rally at Trayvon Martin Memorial Sanford, FL
7/29/13 St. Paul program on the threat of war on the Korean peninsula St. Paul, MN
7/29/13 Palestinians March Against Negotiations Palestine
7/29/13 Winston-Salem officials join together, demanding unity against injustice Winston-Salem, NC
7/26/13 PFLP leader Sa’adat: Take to the streets on Sunday to demonstrate against negotiations Palestine