Thursday August 18, 2022
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2/07/13 Commentary: Japanese government raises military tensions with China San José, CA
1/28/13 Commentary on bipartisan Senate proposal for immigration reform San José, CA
7/22/13 San José event exposes persecution of Sami Al-Arian San José, CA
1/06/13 Unemployment rate for women higher than men for first time in over six years San José, CA
2/20/13 San José commemorates 33rd annual Day of Remembrance San José, CA
2/06/13 Automatic spending cuts threaten college financial aid San José, CA
12/29/13 Millions face cutoff: No Happy New Year for unemployed San José, CA
8/07/13 Protests for justice for Trayvon Martin continue in San José San José, CA
10/10/13 Commentary: Crisis of Monopoly Capitalism Dims Economic Future for Youth San José, CA
6/27/13 Thousands march in San Francisco Pride rally to celebrate Supreme Court ruling San Francisco, CA
7/11/13 San Francisco protest demands: U.S. hands off Syria! San Francisco, CA
2/25/13 No justice in San Diego: 4 convicted of ‘material support for terrorism’ San Diego, California
4/21/13 Victory for African woman in Utah immigration case Salt Lake City, Utah
4/15/13 Utah anti-war rally against U.S. war and drone strikes Salt Lake City, UT
3/01/13 Utah: Gathering to demand justice, mourn for Trayvon Martin Salt Lake City, UT
7/22/13 Salt Lake City protests Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict Salt Lake City, UT
2/28/13 Jess Sundin speaks at Utah workshop on struggle against male chauvinism Salt Lake City, UT
2/22/13 Utah: Anti-war activist Jess Sundin speaks out against FBI repression Salt Lake City, UT
7/16/13 Salt Lake City takes the streets protesting not guilty verdict in Trayvon Martin murder Salt Lake City, UT
11/14/13 Salt Lake City stands with Rasmea Odeh Salt Lake City, UT
9/25/13 Footballs at the MN governor’s mansion: ‘Raise the welfare grants!’ Saint Paul, MN
8/05/13 Hundreds of laundry workers on strike Saint Paul, MN
8/25/13 MORENA-MN protests privatization of Mexican national oil company Pemex Saint Paul, MN
11/01/13 Anti-war activists fight government secrecy in push to unseal documents on FBI raids Saint Paul, MN
11/30/13 St Paul: About 30 arrested seeking justice for Walmart workers Saint Paul, MN