Wednesday March 22, 2023
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10/11/13 South Florida protest: ‘12 years too long, U.S. out of Afghanistan’ Hollywood, FL
1/02/13 Iran has captured more U.S. drones Iran
6/16/13 Going to Tehran: A must-read for anti-war activists Iran
3/17/13 Save Public Schools Night exposes destruction of public education Irvington, NJ
7/17/13 Irvington foreclosure hearing breaks isolation of distressed homeowner Irvington, NJ
6/04/13 Chokwe Lumumba elected mayor of Jackson, Mississippi Jackson, MS
10/15/13 Grand Mufti joins Jacksonville rally for Syria peace Jacksonville, FL
11/07/13 Jacksonville community tells school board: “No KKK High School” Jacksonville, FL
10/29/13 Veterans and community rally against drones at Jacksonville Naval Air Station Jacksonville, FL
9/17/13 Jacksonville protesters take over Senator Nelson’s office, demand ‘Hands off Syria’ Jacksonville, FL
4/23/13 Labor activist and author Joe Burns speaks to Jacksonville union members on ‘Reviving the Strike’ Jacksonville, FL
12/16/13 Victory: Jacksonville activists win name change for Nathan B. Forrest High School Jacksonville, FL
7/16/13 Jacksonville rallies for Trayvon Martin Jacksonville, FL
7/23/13 Union members support ‘Justice for Trayvon Martin’ Jacksonville, FL
10/31/13 Jacksonville protesters rally at courthouse for Marissa Alexander re-trial hearing Jacksonville, FL
12/28/13 Corporate greed at the root of late UPS holiday deliveries Jacksonville, FL
12/03/13 Jacksonville workers picket Walmart on Black Friday Jacksonville, FL
10/15/13 Marissa Alexander to receive new trial, protesters demand 'Free Marissa now' Jacksonville, FL
7/24/13 Five-day ‘Walk for Dignity’ to Sanford begins in Jacksonville Jacksonville, FL
7/23/13 Jacksonville ‘Justice for Trayvon’ marchers demand State Attorney Angela Corey resign Jacksonville, FL
3/23/13 Commentary: Drones in the Sunshine State will bring more war and poverty, not jobs Jacksonville, FL
10/15/13 Jacksonville demands school named for KKK Grand Wizard be changed Jacksonville, FL
9/08/13 130 in Jacksonville march on Rep. Crenshaw's office, demand "Hands off Syria" Jacksonville, FL
4/30/13 Rally against “21st Century Confederacy” in Jacksonville, Florida Jacksonville, FL
8/31/13 Syrian-Americans in Jacksonville rally to demand ‘Hands off Syria’ Jacksonville, FL