Wednesday March 22, 2023
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9/07/13 Gainesville SDS: “Congress vote no on U.S. war in Syria!” Gainesville, FL
1/18/13 Students demand Florida legislators say no to more tuition hikes Gainesville, FL
3/22/13 UF students stand in solidarity with Samer Issawi! Gainesville, FL
10/20/13 University of Florida SDS demands tuition equity Gainesville, FL
8/29/13 Gainesville protest against U.S. intervention in Syria Gainesville, FL
3/21/13 Florida wage theft battle continues Gainesville, FL
3/01/13 One year after Trayvon Martin murder, University of Florida Students speak out Gainesville, FL
11/16/13 Florida Students Advance Tuition Equity Campaign Gainesville, FL
4/16/13 Florida students’ anti-drone week of action Gainesville, FL
7/15/13 Florida Trayvon Martin protesters take over Department of Justice Office Gainesville, FL
3/28/13 Speaking tour against political repression visits Gainesville Gainesville, FL
3/06/13 Struggle over wage theft ordinance continues in Florida Gainesville, FL
8/21/13 Civil liberties group condemns Bradley Manning sentence Grand Rapids
5/08/13 Michigan: End U.S. drone wars, stop political repression Grand Rapids, MI
7/02/13 Michigan unions rally for veterans’ health care Grand Rapids, MI
8/25/13 Immigrant rights march in Grand Rapids, Michigan Grand Rapids, MI
7/21/13 Grand Rapids joins 100 protests in 100 cities for Trayvon Martin Grand Rapids, MI
9/10/13 Grand Rapids stands against U.S. war on Syria Grand Rapids, MI
9/17/13 Greek communists respond to murderous attack by fascist Golden Dawn Greece
7/16/13 Green Bay, WI community protests Zimmerman verdict Green Bay, WI
6/29/13 Harrisburg rally challenges Philadelphia school cutbacks Harrisburg, PA
5/01/13 On the scene report from International Workers Day in Cuba Havana, Cuba
5/07/13 International Workers Day 2013 in Havana, Cuba Havana, Cuba
8/09/13 LCO Harvest Camp: There will be no mine in the Penokees Hayward, WI
11/27/13 South Florida Walmart Workers Walk Out! Hialeah, FL