Sunday February 5, 2023
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10/10/13 With deportations approaching 2 million - Stop the deportations now! United States
10/10/13 Commentary: Crisis of Monopoly Capitalism Dims Economic Future for Youth San José, CA
10/09/13 Students mobilize for 8th annual Students for a Democratic Society National Convention Clarksville, TN
10/09/13 Carlos Montes to speak in Milwaukee: building the fight for ‘Legalization for All!’ Milwaukee, WI
10/08/13 Minneapolis neighbors block eviction Minneapolis, MN
10/08/13 National liberation movements mourn passing of Vietnam’s General Giap Minneapolis, MN
10/07/13 Anti-war protest on 12-year anniversary of war on Afghanistan Minneapolis, MN
10/07/13 3000 march for dignity and respect for immigrants in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
10/07/13 ILPS: In honor of the immortal General Vo Nguyen Giap Vietnam
10/05/13 West carries out attack in Somalia Minneapolis, MN
10/04/13 Large numbers of uninsured swamp Affordable Care Act Exchanges opening day San José, CA
10/03/13 Homeowners, neighbors demand shutdown of federal evictions Minneapolis
10/02/13 ‘Starving the beast’ - Tea Party Republicans and the shutdown of government San José, CA
10/01/13 Imperialism and War: Syria and the Middle East Chicago
9/30/13 National push for Deferred Action to apply to all undocumented immigrants! United States
9/30/13 People from across Midwest march on Boeing, say ‘No to drones’ Chicago, IL
9/30/13 House Republicans dig in, aiming for a federal government shutdown San José, CA
9/27/13 Minnesota anti-war activists join Midwest Action Against Drones in Chicago Minneapolis, MN
9/26/13 U of MN workers rally for affordable healthcare Minneapolis, MN
9/26/13 Medea Benjamin will join Midwest protest to say, 'No killer drone for Boeing!” Chicago, IL
9/26/13 FARC welcomes the National Forum on the problem of illicit drugs Colombia
9/25/13 Footballs at the MN governor’s mansion: ‘Raise the welfare grants!’ Saint Paul, MN
9/25/13 Victorious Coca-Cola Strike: Take back the power of strikes! Philippines
9/25/13 “They tried to raise the specters of Joe McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover” Minneapolis, MN
9/24/13 Minneapolis pushes back against FBI repression of anti-war activists Minneapolis, MN