Wednesday March 22, 2023
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8/13/13 Two Chicago men face prison for assisting Zimbabwe’s fight against sanctions Chicago, IL
10/25/13 Protest demands: “Drop the charges against Rasmea Odeh” Chicago, IL
4/19/13 UIC: Local 73 steward suspended for union activity Chicago, Illinois
5/01/13 10,000 join Chicago May Day march Chicago, Illinois
2/26/13 Chicago protest disrupts speech by Israeli drone war expert Chicago, Illinois
7/03/13 Chicago continues protests against U.S. war on Syria Chicago, Illinois
12/14/13 China carries out successful moon landing China
7/06/13 Leader of Communist Party of China says ‘Stay with socialism, serve the people’ China
12/26/13 Chinese President Xi: Hold high the banner of Mao Zedong Thought forever China
7/23/13 Tennessee statewide day of action for farmworker justice Clarksville, TN
9/18/13 Students build for 8th annual Students for a Democratic Society National Convention Clarksville, TN
10/09/13 Students mobilize for 8th annual Students for a Democratic Society National Convention Clarksville, TN
7/18/13 Clarksville, TN rally to demand Justice for Trayvon Martin Clarksville, TN
10/17/13 SDS: Study and struggle at 8th National Convention Clarksville, TN
2/27/13 Tennessee students demand: “Justice for Trayvon Martin” Clarksville, TN
8/30/13 Clarksville rally demands: ‘Hands off Syria!’. Clarksville, TN
8/22/13 FARC announces pause in peace negotiations Colombia
9/26/13 FARC welcomes the National Forum on the problem of illicit drugs Colombia
7/24/13 FARC statement on the capture of U.S. soldier Kevin Scott Sutay Colombia
2/21/13 FARC denounces conditions in Colombian prisons Colombia
5/04/13 4 Michigan workers fired for organizing union: ‘Right To Work’ laws in practice Coopersville, MI
9/08/13 Dallas protesters say: No to Obama's war on Syria Dallas
7/15/13 Dallas demands justice for Trayvon Martin Dallas, TX
7/01/13 Hundreds attend Michigan rally against U.S. intervention in Syria Dearborn, Michigan
4/23/13 Anti-war vets unite with community groups at national gathering Decatur, TN