Wednesday February 8, 2023
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10/10/13 Commentary: Crisis of Monopoly Capitalism Dims Economic Future for Youth San José, CA
7/13/13 Zimmerman Verdict Pending, Protests Begin In Sanford, Florida Sanford, FL
7/10/13 Florida activists speak about the George Zimmerman trial; blast defense’s racist strategy Sanford, FL
7/30/13 126-mile Walk for Dignity to Sanford, rally at Trayvon Martin Memorial Sanford, FL
7/14/13 Zimmerman found not guilty, call issued for nationwide protests Sanford, FL
2/24/13 The Unending Fight for Justice: From Fred Korematsu to the Holy Land 5 Santa Clara, CA
8/09/13 Ethiopian military plane goes down in Mogadishu Somalia
2/21/13 USAID head afraid to leave Mogadishu airport, calls Somalia a ‘model’ Somalia
12/02/13 Somalia’s prime minister ousted, cracks appear in puppet government Somalia
6/26/13 Nelson Mandela, in his own words South Africa
7/24/13 Public health and the African American Nation South Carolina
3/16/13 Stand up and fight back for housing in Springfield, MA Springfield, MA
2/06/13 MN Governor Dayton gets earful at State of the State address, told to raise welfare grants St. Paul, Minnesota
3/02/13 St. Paul protest demands freedom for Palestinian political prisoners St. Paul, Minnesota
4/12/13 ‘No new Korean war’ is the message from Twin Cities peace vigil St. Paul, Minnesota
1/22/13 MN low-income people say, ‘Dayton budget proposal fails the poor’ St. Paul, MN
2/04/13 Occupy Homes MN organizer acquitted of assault charges St. Paul, MN
1/09/13 MN union leader says: Tax the rich and raise the welfare grants St. Paul, MN
5/13/13 Thousands rally as Minnesota lawmakers pass same-sex marriage bill; Governor Dayton will sign tomorrow St. Paul, MN
7/21/13 Twin Cities protest demands: ‘No U.S. war in Syria – war is not the answer’ St. Paul, MN
3/14/13 MN Senate kills Homeowner Bill of Rights St. Paul, MN
1/08/13 Minnesota: Hundreds rally for justice on legislature’s opening day St. Paul, MN
1/23/13 Twin Cities protest says: ‘No U.S. intervention in Mali’ St. Paul, MN
3/04/13 MN Senate committee votes to double welfare grants St. Paul, MN
7/29/13 St. Paul program on the threat of war on the Korean peninsula St. Paul, MN