Wednesday February 8, 2023
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1/01/13 Senate compromise to put off the ‘fiscal cliff’ to continue Extended Unemployment benefits, raises taxes on working people San José, CA
9/08/13 Unemployment rate falls as more than 300,000 give up looking for work San José, CA
2/11/13 Drop in GDP at the end of 2012 is a warning on austerity San José, CA
9/30/13 House Republicans dig in, aiming for a federal government shutdown San José, CA
6/27/13 Student loan interest rates set to rise July 1 San José, CA
10/15/13 House Republicans block compromise San José, CA
1/25/13 Increase in payroll tax surprises many workers San José, CA
7/15/13 Protesters march through streets of San Jose, demand justice for Trayvon Martin San José, CA
2/20/13 San José commemorates 33rd annual Day of Remembrance (Photos) San José, CA
11/22/13 Two paths ahead for the immigrant rights movement San José, CA
10/02/13 ‘Starving the beast’ - Tea Party Republicans and the shutdown of government San José, CA
12/29/13 Japanese Prime Minister Abe visits Yasukuni Shrine San José, CA
1/30/13 The President’s Immigration Reform Proposal: Not Good Enough San José, CA
1/27/13 San José commemorates Fred Korematsu San José, CA
7/22/13 Protests demanding justice for Trayvon grow larger in San José San José, CA
12/09/13 Extended Unemployment Compensation (EUC) benefits set to end Dec. 31 San José, CA
10/04/13 Large numbers of uninsured swamp Affordable Care Act Exchanges opening day San José, CA
2/07/13 Commentary: Japanese government raises military tensions with China San José, CA
1/28/13 Commentary on bipartisan Senate proposal for immigration reform San José, CA
7/22/13 San José event exposes persecution of Sami Al-Arian San José, CA
2/20/13 San José commemorates 33rd annual Day of Remembrance San José, CA
1/06/13 Unemployment rate for women higher than men for first time in over six years San José, CA
2/06/13 Automatic spending cuts threaten college financial aid San José, CA
12/29/13 Millions face cutoff: No Happy New Year for unemployed San José, CA
8/07/13 Protests for justice for Trayvon Martin continue in San José San José, CA