Thursday August 18, 2022
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8/28/13 Twin Cities peace activists say no to U.S. military attack on Syria Minneapolis
8/20/13 Minnesota Palestine solidarity activists target SodaStream Minneapolis
4/01/13 Milwaukee protesters respond to Special Prosecutor John Franke and killer cops Milwaukee, WI
3/28/13 Arrest the cops who killed Derek Williams! Milwaukee, WI
11/29/13 Black Friday picket line at Milwaukee Walmarts Milwaukee, WI
5/31/13 Milwaukee immigrant rights protest targets Wisconsin Senator Johnson Milwaukee, WI
5/02/13 May Day: Thousands rally for immigrant rights in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
2/06/13 Arrests imminent as students occupy campus office for Palermo's Pizza workers Milwaukee, WI
7/15/13 Militant protest in downtown Milwaukee demands justice for Trayvon Martin Milwaukee, WI
3/03/13 Jury calls for charges against 3 cops in Williams case Milwaukee, WI
5/15/13 Scab pizza sliced from Milwaukee campus Milwaukee, WI
9/12/13 Gains made by Teamster ‘Vote No’ movement at UPS. Keep voting no! Milwaukee, WI
6/15/13 Milwaukee rally supports Palestine, says "Don't award apartheid!" Milwaukee, WI
7/14/13 Protests breaking out in Milwaukee in response to Zimmerman verdict Milwaukee, WI
6/23/13 Milwaukee says "Hands off Syria!" Milwaukee, WI
7/07/13 5 arrested protesting murder by Milwaukee police Milwaukee, WI
10/09/13 Carlos Montes to speak in Milwaukee: building the fight for ‘Legalization for All!’ Milwaukee, WI
11/14/13 Milwaukee stands with Rasmea Odeh Milwaukee, WI
7/19/13 Momentum builds: Justice for Darius Simmons, Derek Williams, and Corey Stingley Milwaukee, WI
2/09/13 Police escort UW-Milwaukee students after sit-in to get Palermo’s Pizza off campus Milwaukee, WI
3/22/13 UW-Milwaukee rally says ‘Education is a right’ Milwaukee, WI
7/23/13 Rallies for Trayvon continue in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
11/05/13 Palestine solidarity activists confront marketers of illegal settlement product SodaStream Milwaukee
8/29/13 Palestine Solidarity Coalition protests Israeli settlement supporters Milwaukee
9/02/13 Miami anti-war group urges protests across Florida against war with Syria Miami, FL