Friday December 2, 2022
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12/22/13 PFLP reviews past, make plans for future Palestine
6/09/13 PFLP: Capitalist normalization is an attack on the Palestinian cause Palestine
7/01/13 PFLP: Kerry’s diplomatic tour is a cover for Netanyahu’s racism Palestine
4/24/13 Congratulations to Palestinian prisoner hero Samer al-Issawi on his victory over the jailer Palestine
7/08/13 PFLP: Meetings with occupiers in the Knesset unacceptable normalization with Zionism Palestine
9/14/13 PFLP: On the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Oslo accords Palestine
3/11/13 Florida rallies to repeal voter suppression laws Pensacola, FL
11/11/13 Filipino communists step up typhoon relief efforts, condemns Aquino regime’s slow response Philippines
11/19/13 Philippines: Police, armed thugs attack peasants during typhoon tragedy Philippines
11/14/13 The U.S. government is engaged in disaster interventionism in the Philippines Philippines
4/05/13 Communist Party of the Philippines denounces arrival of U.S. troops Philippines
1/19/13 U.S ship runs aground in Philippines, damages coral reef Philippines
11/23/13 Filipino Communists extend ceasefire in areas devastated by Typhoon Philippines
9/25/13 Victorious Coca-Cola Strike: Take back the power of strikes! Philippines
11/08/13 Filipino communists urge collective effort to deal with massive Typhoon Philippines
1/25/13 CPP denounces U.S. big capitalist interventionism in constitution change Philippines
11/09/13 Communist Party of Philippines launches mobilization to assist super typhoon victims Philippines
11/26/13 Armed Forces of the Philippines interferes with Typhoon recovery efforts Philippines
11/18/13 Indict Philippines President for criminal incompetence in wake of super typhoon Philippines
1/08/13 U.S. drone crashes in Philippines Philippines
6/01/13 Bertha Hernandez free after Arizona protest Phoenix, Arizona
5/30/13 ‘Release Bertha Hernandez! Stop the deportations!’ - Phoenix, AZ immigrant rights protest Phoenix, AZ
2/18/13 City of Pittsburgh settles G-20 case involving mass arrest Pittsburgh, PA
4/11/13 Utah students protest Wells Fargo Provo, UT
6/18/13 Moral Monday protest mobilizes over 1000 to protest NC legislature Raleigh, NC