Sunday December 4, 2022
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6/30/13 Legalization For All network on Senate immigration reform bill United States
6/29/13 Minneapolis Pride: "Queer is hot, war is not!" Minneapolis, MN
6/29/13 Harrisburg rally challenges Philadelphia school cutbacks Harrisburg, PA
6/28/13 Communist and Workers Parties condemn intervention in Syria Belgium
6/27/13 Anti-war groups call for action against intervention in Syria United States
6/27/13 Student loan interest rates set to rise July 1 San José, CA
6/27/13 Thousands march in San Francisco Pride rally to celebrate Supreme Court ruling San Francisco, CA
6/26/13 Nelson Mandela, in his own words South Africa
6/26/13 U.S. Supreme Court decision guts the Voting Rights Act United States
6/26/13 Chicago says no to U.S. intervention in Syria Chicago, IL
6/25/13 Communist and Workers Parties in solidarity with Cuba Belgium
6/25/13 Thousands rally at NC Legislature in eighth wave of Moral Monday protests Raleigh, NC
6/24/13 Praise for the heroic act of Edward Snowden in exposing NSA surveillance program PRISM United States
6/24/13 Michigan bakers rally for union at Panera Bread Kalamazoo, MI
6/23/13 Milwaukee says "Hands off Syria!" Milwaukee, WI
6/21/13 Support builds to demand the release of Lynne Stewart Minneapolis, MN
6/21/13 Twin Cities protests growing U.S. intervention in Syria Minneapolis, MN
6/20/13 MN Welfare Rights Committee wins first welfare increase since 1986 St. Paul, MN
6/19/13 Protest at MN Senator Klobuchar's slams NSA spying Minneapolis, MN
6/19/13 SDS at Bonnaroo Manchester, TN
6/19/13 Protest demands end to U.S. war on Syria Chicago, IL
6/18/13 Call-in day June 20 will press U.S. senators and representatives for more legalization, less criminalization Los Angeles, CA
6/18/13 Moral Monday protest mobilizes over 1000 to protest NC legislature Raleigh, NC
6/17/13 Chicago set to protest escalation of U.S. war on Syria Chicago, IL
6/16/13 Going to Tehran: A must-read for anti-war activists Iran