Monday September 26, 2022
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7/17/13 Democratic Korea urges Panamanian authorities to let seized ship go North Korea
7/17/13 Irvington foreclosure hearing breaks isolation of distressed homeowner Irvington, NJ
7/17/13 Massive Minneapolis march demands justice for Trayvon and Terrance Minneapolis, MN
7/17/13 The fight for justice for Trayvon Martin, the African American freedom struggle and socialist revolution United States
7/18/13 Moral Monday protest demands Justice for Trayvon Martin; stands with NC women Raleigh, NC
7/18/13 Clarksville, TN rally to demand Justice for Trayvon Martin Clarksville, TN
7/18/13 PFLP: Prawer Plan is latest step in the ongoing Nakba and must inspire resistance Palestine
7/18/13 Uriel Alberto’s ‘Stay of Removal’ approved, deportation postponed Charlotte, NC
7/19/13 Dream Defenders sit in, Florida governor refuses demands Tallahassee, FL
7/19/13 Momentum builds: Justice for Darius Simmons, Derek Williams, and Corey Stingley Milwaukee, WI
7/21/13 Twin Cities protest demands: ‘No U.S. war in Syria – war is not the answer’ St. Paul, MN
7/21/13 Asheville demands justice for Trayvon Asheville, NC
7/21/13 PFLP: Return to negotiations is political suicide, endangers Palestinian cause Palestine
7/21/13 Grand Rapids joins 100 protests in 100 cities for Trayvon Martin Grand Rapids, MI
7/21/13 Big Newark rally demands justice for Trayvon Martin Newark, NJ
7/21/13 Thousands rally in Chicago to demand justice for Trayvon Martin Chicago, IL
7/22/13 Tampa rallies demand ‘Charge Zimmerman now!’ Tampa, FL
7/22/13 Protests demanding justice for Trayvon grow larger in San José San José, CA
7/22/13 Gainesville joins 100-city protest for Trayvon Martin Gainesville, FL
7/22/13 San José event exposes persecution of Sami Al-Arian San José, CA
7/22/13 Salt Lake City protests Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict Salt Lake City, UT
7/23/13 Rallies for Trayvon continue in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
7/23/13 Jacksonville ‘Justice for Trayvon’ marchers demand State Attorney Angela Corey resign Jacksonville, FL
7/23/13 Tennessee statewide day of action for farmworker justice Clarksville, TN
7/23/13 Hezbollah condemns EU ‘terror’ designation Lebanon