Sunday October 2, 2022
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7/11/13 San Francisco protest demands: U.S. hands off Syria! San Francisco, CA
7/11/13 Chicago: Four protests in four weeks against U.S. war on Syria Chicago, IL
7/11/13 MN Welfare Rights Committee at Governor’s mansion: “increase the welfare grants now!” Saint Paul, MN
7/13/13 Get Ready to Protest the Verdict - Demand Justice for Trayvon Martin United States
7/13/13 Zimmerman Verdict Pending, Protests Begin In Sanford, Florida Sanford, FL
7/14/13 Protests breaking out in Milwaukee in response to Zimmerman verdict Milwaukee, WI
7/14/13 Washington DC rally demands compassionate release of Lynne Stewart Washington, DC
7/14/13 Zimmerman found not guilty, call issued for nationwide protests Sanford, FL
7/14/13 Tallahassee protesters hold Emergency Midnight March for Trayvon Martin Tallahassee, FL
7/15/13 Dallas demands justice for Trayvon Martin Dallas, TX
7/15/13 Washington DC emergency rally against Zimmerman verdict Washington, DC
7/15/13 Protesters march through streets of San Jose, demand justice for Trayvon Martin San José, CA
7/15/13 Big march in Oakland in response to Zimmerman verdict Oakland, CA
7/15/13 Militant protest in downtown Milwaukee demands justice for Trayvon Martin Milwaukee, WI
7/15/13 Tampa protests not guilty verdict, demands Justice for Trayvon Tampa, FL
7/15/13 Chicago protests acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s killer Chicago, IL
7/15/13 Newark demonstration protests Zimmerman verdict Newark, NJ
7/15/13 Florida Trayvon Martin protesters take over Department of Justice Office Gainesville, FL
7/16/13 Thousands in Minneapolis demand justice for Trayvon and Terrance Minneapolis, MN
7/16/13 Build the fight to get justice for Trayvon Martin United States
7/16/13 Salt Lake City takes the streets protesting not guilty verdict in Trayvon Martin murder Salt Lake City, UT
7/16/13 Jacksonville rallies for Trayvon Martin Jacksonville, FL
7/16/13 Green Bay, WI community protests Zimmerman verdict Green Bay, WI
7/17/13 South Florida anti-war group protests drones and repression Fort Lauderdale, FL
7/17/13 Winston-Salem rallies against Zimmerman verdict Winston-Salem, NC