Saturday January 22, 2022
| Last update: Friday at 6:40 PM


Published Title Location
7/14/13 Zimmerman found not guilty, call issued for nationwide protests Sanford, FL
7/14/13 Washington DC rally demands compassionate release of Lynne Stewart Washington, DC
7/14/13 Protests breaking out in Milwaukee in response to Zimmerman verdict Milwaukee, WI
7/13/13 Zimmerman Verdict Pending, Protests Begin In Sanford, Florida Sanford, FL
7/13/13 Get Ready to Protest the Verdict - Demand Justice for Trayvon Martin United States
7/11/13 MN Welfare Rights Committee at Governor’s mansion: “increase the welfare grants now!” Saint Paul, MN
7/11/13 Chicago: Four protests in four weeks against U.S. war on Syria Chicago, IL
7/11/13 San Francisco protest demands: U.S. hands off Syria! San Francisco, CA
7/10/13 Florida activists speak about the George Zimmerman trial; blast defense’s racist strategy Sanford, FL
7/09/13 30,000 California prisoners begin hunger strike and work stoppage against long-term solitary confinement Los Angeles, CA
7/08/13 PFLP: Meetings with occupiers in the Knesset unacceptable normalization with Zionism Palestine
7/07/13 North Carolina hunger striker Uriel Alberto fights against his deportation Charlotte, NC
7/07/13 5 arrested protesting murder by Milwaukee police Milwaukee, WI
7/06/13 Leader of Communist Party of China says ‘Stay with socialism, serve the people’ China
7/06/13 Venezuela offers asylum to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden Venezuela
7/05/13 The Egyptian people are waging a great struggle in the face of great dangers Egypt
7/03/13 Egyptian Communist Party: Long live the struggle of the Egyptian people Egypt
7/03/13 Chicago continues protests against U.S. war on Syria Chicago, Illinois
7/02/13 Michigan unions rally for veterans’ health care Grand Rapids, MI
7/01/13 Hundreds attend Michigan rally against U.S. intervention in Syria Dearborn, Michigan
7/01/13 Rank-and-file Teamsters block deal with UPS Tampa, FL
7/01/13 Minneapolis Pride march 2013: 'Queer is hot, war is not!' Minneapolis
7/01/13 PFLP: Kerry’s diplomatic tour is a cover for Netanyahu’s racism Palestine
6/30/13 Wisconsin women and allies stand up against attacks on right to chose Madison, Wisconsin
6/30/13 Durham protest demands ‘Liberty and justice for Carlos Riley Jr.’ Durham, North Carolina