Wednesday March 22, 2023
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1/20/13 Ex U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald hit by protest challenging his grand jury Chicago, IL
9/26/13 Medea Benjamin will join Midwest protest to say, 'No killer drone for Boeing!” Chicago, IL
3/08/13 Chicago street action for Palestinian political prisoners Chicago, IL
1/31/13 Chicago stands against Boeing Chicago, IL
7/11/13 Chicago: Four protests in four weeks against U.S. war on Syria Chicago, IL
7/21/13 Thousands rally in Chicago to demand justice for Trayvon Martin Chicago, IL
8/25/13 Iran tells U.S. crossing red lines in Syria will have dire consequences Chicago, IL
6/17/13 Chicago set to protest escalation of U.S. war on Syria Chicago, IL
1/25/13 Ex U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald Confronted by protest at UIC Chicago, IL
9/08/13 600 in Chicago demand Congress vote against Syria war Chicago, IL
1/14/13 Chicago anti-war leader condemns use of U.S. drones in Mali Chicago, IL
4/26/13 Anti-war activists, stockholders to protest Boeing’s killer drone Chicago, IL
8/04/13 Chicago anti-war leader Joe Iosbaker speaks out on Syria Chicago, IL
8/30/13 More than 300 anti-war, Syrian protesters march in Chicago Chicago, IL
4/07/13 Anti-drone marchers confront Boeing Company Chicago, IL
12/10/13 Palestinian activist Rasmea Odeh given Nelson Mandela Award Chicago, IL
9/30/13 People from across Midwest march on Boeing, say ‘No to drones’ Chicago, IL
7/15/13 Chicago protests acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s killer Chicago, IL
11/25/13 Great response to online petition demanding ‘Drop charges against Rasmea Odeh’ Chicago, IL
1/18/13 Anti-war, international solidarity activists tell Chicago Law School: “Don’t honor bullies like U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald" Chicago, IL
6/26/13 Chicago says no to U.S. intervention in Syria Chicago, IL
10/23/13 Drop the Charges against Rasmea Odeh Chicago, IL
4/23/13 Chicago commemorates International Palestinian Prisoners Day Chicago, IL
3/21/13 Chicago anti-war movement marks 10-year anniversary of Iraq War Chicago, IL
10/15/13 Hands off Syria! International Day of Protest marked in Chicago Chicago, IL