Monday September 26, 2022
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12/30/13 Israeli annexation bill targets Jordan Valley Palestine
7/17/13 Irvington foreclosure hearing breaks isolation of distressed homeowner Irvington, NJ
3/20/13 Iraq: 10th anniversary of U.S. crime against humanity United States
8/25/13 Iran tells U.S. crossing red lines in Syria will have dire consequences Chicago, IL
1/02/13 Iran has captured more U.S. drones Iran
6/11/13 Interview with Ralph Poynter, husband of jailed people’s lawyer Lynn Stewart United States
4/03/13 Interview with Carlos Montes: Now is the time for “Legalization for all” United States
5/07/13 International Workers Day 2013 in Havana, Cuba Havana, Cuba
3/07/13 International Women’s Day to be celebrated in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
3/09/13 International Women’s Day celebrated in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
11/18/13 Indict Philippines President for criminal incompetence in wake of super typhoon Philippines
1/25/13 Increase in payroll tax surprises many workers San José, CA
10/01/13 Imperialism and War: Syria and the Middle East Chicago
12/20/13 Immigration and housing activists tell Sheriff Stanek: ‘Not one more deportation or eviction’ Minneapolis, MN
8/25/13 Immigrant rights march in Grand Rapids, Michigan Grand Rapids, MI
4/22/13 Immigrant rights activists demand licenses for all in Florida Tampa, FL
1/10/13 Immigrant communities fought back against 287(g) and won Tampa, FL
10/07/13 ILPS: In honor of the immortal General Vo Nguyen Giap Vietnam
7/26/13 ILPS joins the Korean people in celebrating Victory Day North Korea
3/21/13 Idle No More founder protests, speaks in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
8/05/13 Hundreds of laundry workers on strike Saint Paul, MN
6/01/13 Hundreds march in Minneapolis demanding justice for Terrance Franklin Minneapolis, MN
7/01/13 Hundreds attend Michigan rally against U.S. intervention in Syria Dearborn, Michigan
9/30/13 House Republicans dig in, aiming for a federal government shutdown San José, CA
10/15/13 House Republicans block compromise San José, CA