Friday December 2, 2022
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9/25/13 “They tried to raise the specters of Joe McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover” Minneapolis, MN
1/31/13 “Our lives are worth more than Mittal's profits” Belgium
10/02/13 ‘Starving the beast’ - Tea Party Republicans and the shutdown of government San José, CA
5/30/13 ‘Release Bertha Hernandez! Stop the deportations!’ - Phoenix, AZ immigrant rights protest Phoenix, AZ
4/12/13 ‘No new Korean war’ is the message from Twin Cities peace vigil St. Paul, Minnesota
8/12/13 ‘Black August’ honors freedom fighters Durham, NC
7/13/13 Zimmerman Verdict Pending, Protests Begin In Sanford, Florida Sanford, FL
7/14/13 Zimmerman found not guilty, call issued for nationwide protests Sanford, FL
8/03/13 Zimbabwe reelects Robert Mugabe as president Zimbabwe
10/30/13 Workers’ unity, struggle puts brakes on firing of School Bus Union 5 Boston, MA
1/16/13 Workers' Party of Belgium opposes imperialist intervention in Mali Mali
10/10/13 With deportations approaching 2 million - Stop the deportations now! United States
1/29/13 Wisconsinites fight for mass transit! Madison, WI
6/30/13 Wisconsin women and allies stand up against attacks on right to chose Madison, Wisconsin
7/17/13 Winston-Salem rallies against Zimmerman verdict Winston-Salem, NC
7/29/13 Winston-Salem officials join together, demanding unity against injustice Winston-Salem, NC
5/07/13 What's behind the renewed attacks on African American freedom fighter Assata Shakur? United States
8/29/13 WFTU in solidarity with the Syrian people declares: No to the imperialist “democracy”! US
10/05/13 West carries out attack in Somalia Minneapolis, MN
3/10/13 Wells Fargo threatens to evict homeless mom from abandoned house Minneapolis, MN
8/11/13 Welfare Rights celebrates victories, looks ahead to new battles Minneapolis, MN
11/06/13 We must support Rasmea Odeh! Los Angeles, CA
7/14/13 Washington DC rally demands compassionate release of Lynne Stewart Washington, DC
7/15/13 Washington DC emergency rally against Zimmerman verdict Washington, DC
12/16/13 Victory: Jacksonville activists win name change for Nathan B. Forrest High School Jacksonville, FL