Tuesday January 18, 2022
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7/15/13 Florida Trayvon Martin protesters take over Department of Justice Office Gainesville, FL
3/21/13 Florida wage theft battle continues Gainesville, FL
11/29/13 Florida workers and activists unite against Walmart North Miami Beach, FL
9/25/13 Footballs at the MN governor’s mansion: ‘Raise the welfare grants!’ Saint Paul, MN
5/03/13 Fort Lauderdale May Day protest Fort Lauderdale, FL
5/20/13 Free the Cuban Five! United States
9/01/13 Freedom Road begins ‘Socialist Stamp of the Day’ on Facebook Minneapolis, MN
5/05/13 Freedom Road Socialist Organization celebrates May Day 2013 in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
1/20/13 French embassy in Beirut hit with eggs, protest demands release of George Abdallah Lebanon
8/03/13 FRSO congratulates Robert Mugabe, ZANU-PF on Zimbabwe election win United States
3/05/13 FRSO message to Venezuela on passing of President Hugo Chavez United States
2/01/13 FRSO Student Commission meets, lays plans for building student movement in 2013 United States
8/29/13 Gainesville protest against U.S. intervention in Syria Gainesville, FL
7/22/13 Gainesville joins 100-city protest for Trayvon Martin Gainesville, FL
9/07/13 Gainesville SDS: “Congress vote no on U.S. war in Syria!” Gainesville, FL
11/16/13 Gainesville Stands with Rasmea Odeh Gainesville, FL
9/12/13 Gains made by Teamster ‘Vote No’ movement at UPS. Keep voting no! Milwaukee, WI
7/13/13 Get Ready to Protest the Verdict - Demand Justice for Trayvon Martin United States
1/06/13 Getting ready for Jan. 8 protest to demand ‘raise the welfare grants’ Minneapolis, MN
6/16/13 Going to Tehran: A must-read for anti-war activists Iran
12/18/13 Gov. Dayton told: ‘Raise the welfare grants!’ Saint Paul, MN
10/15/13 Grand Mufti joins Jacksonville rally for Syria peace Jacksonville, FL
7/21/13 Grand Rapids joins 100 protests in 100 cities for Trayvon Martin Grand Rapids, MI
9/10/13 Grand Rapids stands against U.S. war on Syria Grand Rapids, MI
11/25/13 Great response to online petition demanding ‘Drop charges against Rasmea Odeh’ Chicago, IL