Thursday May 19, 2022
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8/25/13 MORENA-MN protests privatization of Mexican national oil company Pemex Saint Paul, MN
3/20/13 National immigrant rights summit unites on demand: Legalization for all! Riverside, CA
10/08/13 National liberation movements mourn passing of Vietnam’s General Giap Minneapolis, MN
9/30/13 National push for Deferred Action to apply to all undocumented immigrants! United States
9/04/13 Native American leaders to hold Leonard Peltier Tribunal Oct. 2-4 Minneapolis, MN
8/27/13 NBC reporting attack on Syria could start ‘as early as Thursday’ Minneapolis, MN
1/05/13 NDAA bans Iran’s Press TV from U.S. airwaves Chicago, IL
8/10/13 Negotiations between UPS and IBT Local 89 set for Aug. 13 Louisville, KY
6/26/13 Nelson Mandela, in his own words South Africa
12/18/13 New Jersey protests Food Stamp cuts East Orange, NJ
3/03/13 New Orleans activists stage walk-out of Israeli soldier’s speech New Orleans, LA
7/15/13 Newark demonstration protests Zimmerman verdict Newark, NJ
2/25/13 No justice in San Diego: 4 convicted of ‘material support for terrorism’ San Diego, California
3/25/13 Noor Alashi and others speak out in Tampa to demand Justice for the Holy Land 5 and Anti-war 23 Tampa, FL
7/07/13 North Carolina hunger striker Uriel Alberto fights against his deportation Charlotte, NC
1/25/13 North Carolina law would ban people who get welfare from playing lottery Raleigh, NC
6/10/13 Now is the time to stand up to government surveillance United States
12/22/13 NSA, CIA role in murder of FARC leaders exposed Washington DC
2/04/13 Occupy Homes MN organizer acquitted of assault charges St. Paul, MN
12/05/13 On the passing of Nelson Mandela, listen to his own words United States
5/01/13 On the scene report from International Workers Day in Cuba Havana, Cuba
2/27/13 One year after racist murder: Tampa demands Justice for Trayvon Martin Tampa, FL
3/01/13 One year after Trayvon Martin murder, University of Florida Students speak out Gainesville, FL
10/22/13 Outrageous arrest of Palestinian activist in Chicago Chicago, IL
11/29/13 Palestine activists demand Target drop SodaStream on Black Friday West Milwaukee, WI