Sunday December 4, 2022
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7/15/13 Big march in Oakland in response to Zimmerman verdict Oakland, CA
11/29/13 Florida workers and activists unite against Walmart North Miami Beach, FL
7/26/13 ILPS joins the Korean people in celebrating Victory Day North Korea
7/17/13 Democratic Korea urges Panamanian authorities to let seized ship go North Korea
2/12/13 DPRK carries out third nuclear test North Korea
2/23/13 Democratic Korea warns commander of U.S. troops in south Korea North Korea
4/28/13 Students for a Democratic Society: End U.S. war threats against north Korea! North Korea
1/04/13 Expected 14-bank ‘settlement’ - a bailout in disguise Newark, NJ
7/21/13 Big Newark rally demands justice for Trayvon Martin Newark, NJ
7/15/13 Newark demonstration protests Zimmerman verdict Newark, NJ
5/11/13 Take Assata Shakur off the terrorist list Newark, NJ
4/19/13 Protest demands “Hands off Social Security” Newark, New Jersey
6/13/13 Jess Sundin speaks at Left Forum, demands end to government repression New York, NY
3/17/13 Justice for Kimani Gray! New York, NY
10/20/13 CCNY administration seizes Morales/Shakur Center, students fight back New York, NY
9/07/13 More than 1000 protest in NYC against U.S. war on Syria New York City, NY
3/03/13 New Orleans activists stage walk-out of Israeli soldier’s speech New Orleans, LA
1/29/13 Activists confront pro-Israel rally at University of New Orleans New Orleans, LA
4/14/13 Call-in day to demand Israel release jailed Palestinian-American boy New Orleans, LA
1/15/13 Low-income people go to MN governor’s mansion, tell Dayton to raise welfare grants Minnesota
10/07/13 Anti-war protest on 12-year anniversary of war on Afghanistan Minneapolis, MN
12/03/13 China refutes lies about new air identification zone Minneapolis, MN
4/17/13 Minneapolis: Noor Elashi, daughter of Holy Land 5 defendant, and Holy Land lawyer speak out Minneapolis, MN
5/05/13 Freedom Road Socialist Organization celebrates May Day 2013 in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
12/09/13 Minneapolis protest marks Human Rights Day Minneapolis, MN