Friday February 3, 2023
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2/14/13 Afghan resistance responds to Obama’s plan to reduce number of troops occupying Afghanistan Afghanistan
7/21/13 Asheville demands justice for Trayvon Asheville, NC
9/01/13 Asheville demands: “Hands off Syria” Asheville, NC
8/07/13 10,000 join Ashville Mountain Moral Monday protest Asheville, NC
8/09/13 Asheville rally against NC abortion ban Asheville,NC
6/25/13 Communist and Workers Parties in solidarity with Cuba Belgium
6/28/13 Communist and Workers Parties condemn intervention in Syria Belgium
1/31/13 “Our lives are worth more than Mittal's profits” Belgium
10/30/13 Workers’ unity, struggle puts brakes on firing of School Bus Union 5 Boston, MA
7/07/13 North Carolina hunger striker Uriel Alberto fights against his deportation Charlotte, NC
7/18/13 Uriel Alberto’s ‘Stay of Removal’ approved, deportation postponed Charlotte, NC
10/01/13 Imperialism and War: Syria and the Middle East Chicago
2/23/13 Chicago anti-war leader opposes new U.S. drone base in Niger Chicago, IL
11/27/13 Chicago activists: No Thanksgiving for the imprisoned Chicago, IL
1/19/13 Chicago protest against Greek fascist party Golden Dawn Chicago, IL
8/16/13 Chicago youth say: ‘No more racial profiling’ Chicago, IL
4/30/13 Protest against Boeing and drone warfare Chicago, IL
11/02/13 Petition effort in support of Rasmea Odeh under way Chicago, IL
10/22/13 Outrageous arrest of Palestinian activist in Chicago Chicago, IL
12/06/13 People's Thanksgiving Dinner to raises funds for Rasmea Odeh defense Chicago, IL
1/05/13 NDAA bans Iran’s Press TV from U.S. airwaves Chicago, IL
6/09/13 Chicago in solidarity with striking Walmart workers Chicago, IL
6/19/13 Protest demands end to U.S. war on Syria Chicago, IL
9/13/13 Chicago protest says ‘No war for the 1%’ Chicago, IL
11/12/13 Attorney: Why is Rasmea Odeh targeted now? Chicago, IL