Thursday December 1, 2022
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8/28/13 LA protest to demand ‘No U.S. military attacks on Syria’ Los Angeles, CA
8/28/13 SDS urges protests to demand U.S. hands off Syria United States
8/28/13 Britain and U.S. finalize plans for attack on Syria, says Guardian Minneapolis, MN
8/27/13 PFLP condemns U.S. threats and Western aggression against Syria Palestine
8/27/13 NBC reporting attack on Syria could start ‘as early as Thursday’ Minneapolis, MN
8/26/13 Kerry signals U.S. is preparing military strikes on Syria Washington, DC
8/26/13 Twin Cities peace activists say no to U.S. military attack on Syria Minneapolis, MN
8/25/13 PFLP welcomes prisoner release: continue grassroots campaign to bring down Oslo Palestine
8/25/13 Iran tells U.S. crossing red lines in Syria will have dire consequences Chicago, IL
8/25/13 50th anniversary of March on Washington Washington DC
8/25/13 MORENA-MN protests privatization of Mexican national oil company Pemex Saint Paul, MN
8/25/13 Immigrant rights march in Grand Rapids, Michigan Grand Rapids, MI
8/24/13 More than 300,000 gather for March on Washington Washington, DC
8/23/13 Chelsea Manning is a hero Minneapolis, MN
8/23/13 South Florida protests Bradley Manning’s 35-year sentence Fort Lauderdale, FL
8/22/13 FARC announces pause in peace negotiations Colombia
8/21/13 Syria denounces chemical weapons charge Syria
8/21/13 Civil liberties group condemns Bradley Manning sentence Grand Rapids
8/21/13 Minneapolis emergency protest demands pardon for Bradley Manning Minneapolis, MN
8/21/13 LA protest demand justice for Trayvon Martin, self-determination for Black nation Los Angeles, CA
8/20/13 20-foot tripod towers over Chase Bank as South Minneapolis demands negotiation Minneapolis
8/20/13 Minnesota Palestine solidarity activists target SodaStream Minneapolis
8/16/13 Chicago youth say: ‘No more racial profiling’ Chicago, IL
8/14/13 PFLP: Settlement construction once again exposes deceptiveness of “negotiations” Palestine
8/13/13 Two Chicago men face prison for assisting Zimbabwe’s fight against sanctions Chicago, IL