Wednesday February 8, 2023
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4/30/13 Protest against Boeing and drone warfare Chicago, IL
5/01/13 On the scene report from International Workers Day in Cuba Havana, Cuba
5/01/13 10,000 join Chicago May Day march Chicago, Illinois
5/02/13 Parent-Trigger, pension attacks on workers defeated in Florida Senate Tallahassee, FL
5/02/13 May Day: Thousands rally for immigrant rights in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
5/02/13 Tampa May Day rally demands legalization for all Tampa, FL
5/02/13 LA May Day: Thousands of militant marchers demand ‘Legalization for all now!’ Los Angeles, CA
5/03/13 Fort Lauderdale May Day protest Fort Lauderdale, FL
5/04/13 4 Michigan workers fired for organizing union: ‘Right To Work’ laws in practice Coopersville, MI
5/04/13 Twin Cities anti-war leader condemns expanding war on Syria Minneapolis, MN
5/05/13 Freedom Road Socialist Organization celebrates May Day 2013 in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
5/05/13 Minnesota FRSO May Day celebration: “We are up against a real monster, a system called capitalism” Minneapolis, MN
5/05/13 Israeli attack on Syria widens war, U.S. anti-war movement on alert Syria
5/06/13 Call In Day to Obama: No Weapons to Syria! End U.S. Intervention in Syria! United States
5/07/13 What's behind the renewed attacks on African American freedom fighter Assata Shakur? United States
5/07/13 International Workers Day 2013 in Havana, Cuba Havana, Cuba
5/08/13 Michigan: End U.S. drone wars, stop political repression Grand Rapids, MI
5/08/13 Victory for the Cuban 5: René González returns to Cuba after 13+ years in U.S. prison system Miami, FL
5/10/13 End the crackdown on travel to Cuba! United States
5/11/13 Take Assata Shakur off the terrorist list Newark, NJ
5/13/13 Thousands rally as Minnesota lawmakers pass same-sex marriage bill; Governor Dayton will sign tomorrow St. Paul, MN
5/15/13 U.S./Israel Hands Off Syria! United States
5/15/13 Scab pizza sliced from Milwaukee campus Milwaukee, WI
5/17/13 MN Somali humanitarian heroes Amina Ali and Hawo Hassan sentenced on ‘material support for terrorism’ charges Minneapolis, MN
5/18/13 Minnesotans stand with Palestine, mark anniversary of Al Nakba Minneapolis, MN