Wednesday March 22, 2023
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1/01/13 Senate compromise to put off the ‘fiscal cliff’ to continue Extended Unemployment benefits, raises taxes on working people San José, CA
1/02/13 U.S. hands off Mali, U.S. out of Africa! Mali
1/02/13 Iran has captured more U.S. drones Iran
1/03/13 Compromise to stop the so-called ‘fiscal cliff’ no victory for working class United States
1/03/13 PFLP is targeted by occupation because it is committed to resistance Palestine
1/04/13 Expected 14-bank ‘settlement’ - a bailout in disguise Newark, NJ
1/04/13 U.S troops and missiles in Turkey, heading to Syrian border Syria
1/05/13 NDAA bans Iran’s Press TV from U.S. airwaves Chicago, IL
1/06/13 Unemployment rate for women higher than men for first time in over six years San José, CA
1/06/13 Getting ready for Jan. 8 protest to demand ‘raise the welfare grants’ Minneapolis, MN
1/08/13 U.S. drone crashes in Philippines Philippines
1/08/13 Minnesota: Hundreds rally for justice on legislature’s opening day St. Paul, MN
1/09/13 MN union leader says: Tax the rich and raise the welfare grants St. Paul, MN
1/10/13 Immigrant communities fought back against 287(g) and won Tampa, FL
1/11/13 Family of immigrant rights activist Erika Andiola raided by ICE Tampa, FL
1/14/13 MN immigrant rights protesters say: Stop Sheriff Stanek’s deportation assembly line! Minneapolis, MN
1/14/13 Chicago anti-war leader condemns use of U.S. drones in Mali Chicago, IL
1/15/13 The WFTU denounces the imperialist intervention in Mali Mali
1/15/13 Low-income people go to MN governor’s mansion, tell Dayton to raise welfare grants Minnesota
1/16/13 Workers' Party of Belgium opposes imperialist intervention in Mali Mali
1/17/13 U.S. recognizes Somali puppet government Washington, DC
1/17/13 Call-in day tells MN politicians: We demand genuine, progressive immigration reform Minneapolis, MN
1/17/13 PFLP: French refusal to release Georges Ibrahim Abdallah exposes French legal discrimination and hypocrisy Palestine
1/18/13 Anti-war, international solidarity activists tell Chicago Law School: “Don’t honor bullies like U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald" Chicago, IL
1/18/13 Students demand Florida legislators say no to more tuition hikes Gainesville, FL