Monday October 19, 2020
| Last update: Saturday at 1:08 PM


Published Title Location
10/17/20 Minneapolis protest demands legalization for immigrants Minneapolis, MN
10/16/20 Unemployment insurance claims up more than 50,000 in one week San José, CA
10/13/20 Tampa activists rally against anti-protest bill Tampa, FL
10/12/20 Students and youth webinar launching campaign for police accountability Tampa, FL
10/12/20 President Maduro to the peoples of the world: ‘Together we shall overcome!’ Venezuela
10/09/20 Wisconsin: Mass arrests, tear gas, National Guard used against protesters Milwaukee, WI
10/09/20 Chicago: Now is the time for real community control of police. Chicago, IL
10/08/20 Tampa students rally against university budget cuts Tampa, FL
10/08/20 George Floyd’s killer released on bond Minneapolis, MN
10/07/20 Decision expected in the police murder of Alvin Cole Milwaukee, WI
10/06/20 Technical workers strike at two Twin Cities hospitals Minneapolis, MN
10/06/20 Philippines: Paramilitary leader behind Lianga massacre killed in gun battle with New People’s Army Philippines
10/05/20 Growing length of economic crisis forcing women out of the job market San José, CA
10/03/20 Denver SDS rallies to defund campus police Denver, CO
10/03/20 Community control of police takes the stage during Trump-Biden presidential debate Chicago, IL
10/03/20 Communist and Workers Party’s declaration for the repatriation and freedom of Simon Trinidad United States
10/02/20 Worse to come as layoffs continue San José, CA
9/30/20 Minneapolis: Supporters join Matthew Rupert to fight arson charges stemming from uprising Minneapolis, MN
9/29/20 Philippines: Human rights are weapons against Duterte's state terrorism Philippines
9/27/20 UW-Milwaukee SDS rallies to get cops off campus Milwaukee, WI
9/25/20 500 march on Chicago police headquarters demanding justice for Breonna Taylor Chicago, IL
9/25/20 Thousands march for Breonna Taylor in NYC New York, NY
9/25/20 Nurses and workers declare end to strike at UIC Chicago, IL
9/25/20 Layoffs continue as economic crisis drags on San Jose, CA
9/24/20 Twin Cities march for Breonna Taylor shuts down major freeway Minneapolis, MN