Tuesday January 31, 2023
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Published Title Location
1/31/23 Denver demands justice for Tyre Nichols, Jordan Waddy and all victims of police crimes Denver, CO
1/31/23 Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine condemns planned visit of US Secretary of State Blinken United States
1/30/23 Minneapolis city council majority votes for environmental racism Minneapolis, MN
1/30/23 Seattle: Rally for victims of police terror Seattle, WA
1/29/23 Los Angles: Riot police deployed against protest for Tyre Nichols Los Angeles, CA
1/29/23 Chicago: Community Commission Stops Implementation of Gang Database Chicago, IL
1/29/23 Minneapolis Fight Back! fundraiser massive success Minneapolis, MN
1/29/23 Seattle activists march against police brutality Seattle, WA
1/28/23 Saint Paul holds vigil in solidarity with victims of Jenin massacre Saint Paul, MN
1/28/23 Justice for Tyre Nichols United States
1/27/23 Justice for Manuel Paez! Stop Cop City! United States
1/27/23 Tyree Williams tased to death by police in North Carolina Raleigh, NC
1/27/23 Tyre Nichols brutally murdered by Memphis police Memphis, TN
1/26/23 Louisianans march on the state capitol, demand repeal of anti-abortion trigger law Baton Rouge, LA
1/26/23 District Council candidates prepare to create turning point in the fight against police tyranny Chicago, IL
1/25/23 Faculty strike at U of Illinois-Chicago ends with win Chicago, IL
1/24/23 Protest of Ohio cop hitting women in face Butler Township, OH
1/24/23 Charges dropped against organizers who confronted Philippines President Marco, Jr New York, NY
1/24/23 Tampa Community holds vigil for Tampa teen killed by speeding county deputy Tampa, FL
1/24/23 Family of Cesar Rodriguez to be awarded $12M in wrongful death lawsuit Los Angeles, CA
1/24/23 50th anniversary of Roe v Wade marked in Madison, WI Madison, WI
1/24/23 New year, same wars - MLK day of action in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
1/23/23 Seattle activists present the program of the FRSO Seattle, WA
1/23/23 New York demands freedom for Palestinian prisoners New York, NY
1/23/23 Tampa Bay SDS disrupts USF president’s inauguration Tampa, FL