Sunday November 28, 2021
| Last update: Saturday at 9:52 PM


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6/19/21 Freedom Road Socialist Organization to hold online meeting for general members
11/21/21 New Orleans marks annual transgender March of Resilience
5/23/21 4000 in Minneapolis protest killings of over 200 Palestinians
6/11/21 San Jose march to mayor's house demands justice for Demetrius Stanley San Jose, CA
5/25/21 Tampa’s Palestinian community continues to protest for freedom and justice after ceasefire Tampa, FL
8/15/21 Venezuela: Huge election turnout for Maduro’s PSUV Acarigua, Portuguesa state, Venezuela
3/15/21 Appleton, WI: Lawrence University students rally for justice for George Floyd, Joel Acevedo Appleton, WI
4/27/21 Appleton, WI: Community rallies for climate justice to honor Earth Day Appleton, WI
3/11/21 Greater Fox Valley residents protest Appleton, WI for ‘The People v. Chauvin & Mattioli’ rally Appleton, WI
4/27/21 Fox Valley, WI: Back-to-back weekend protests sparked by multiple police shootings Appleton, WI
4/20/21 Appleton, WI: Lawrence University Fight For $15 campaign kicks off with student rally Appleton, WI
11/02/21 Appleton, WI: SDS rallies for $15 an hour for students on campus Appleton, WI
5/23/21 Appleton, WI: Demand justice for Jimmie Sanders rally on the 4-year anniversary of his murder by police Appleton, WI
6/01/21 Appleton, WI: Rally to shut down Enbridge Lines 3 and 5 extends solidarity to land and water protectors Appleton, WI
5/12/21 Appleton, WI: Fox Valley communities celebrate May Day Appleton, WI
11/27/21 Appleton, WI: Students, community members protest Rittenhouse verdict Appleton, WI
2/19/21 Rally for accountability at the University of Texas at Arlington Arlington, TX
2/16/21 Texas weather emergency Arlington, TX
9/05/21 Texas: Students rally for women’s rights Arlington, TX
9/26/21 Texas: PSU students rally for women’s healthcare product access Arlington, TX
3/28/21 Atlanta solidarity with Haiti: protest at Coca-Cola landmark Atlanta, GA
3/12/21 Aurora stands in solidarity with Minneapolis on day one of Chauvin trial Aurora, CO
9/13/21 UT Austin students rally to stop police crimes and racism Austin, TX
9/02/21 Austin protests Texas governor’s attack on women Austin, TX
4/03/21 Austin rallies in solidarity with Palestine on Land Day Austin, TX