Thursday July 16, 2020
| Last update: Wednesday at 12:50 PM


Published Title Location
4/16/20 AFSCME Local 2822 is honking to protect public health and worker safety Minneapolis, MN
4/16/20 Economy contracts at record pace in March San Jose, CA
4/15/20 COVID-19's impact on the Bronx New York, NY
4/15/20 African Americans hit the hardest by COVID-19 pandemic San José, CA
4/15/20 International Twitter/Media Storm & Phone Zap for Mumia! United States
4/14/20 Hoffa praises UPS, sees ‘encouraging response’ by corporations to the pandemic Lansing, MI
4/14/20 Week of action demands that all immigrants detained in Minnesota be released Minneapolis, MN
4/14/20 FRSO leader Steff Yorek speaks out on pandemic Minneapolis, MN
4/14/20 Turkey: A call from the Labor Party (EMEP): Let’s stop carrying this outdated system Turkey
4/13/20 Interview with Tom Burke of FRSO on Trump’s war moves against Venezuela United States
4/12/20 COVID-19: Our hospital administrators do not care if we get sick or die United States
4/12/20 ILPS U.S. Chapter Stands Firmly with Venezuela United States
4/11/20 UPS and coronavirus: Teamsters speak out Lansing, MI
4/11/20 New York: New social distancing fines attack workers, not coronavirus New York, NY
4/11/20 Tampa UPS Teamsters win demands for gloves, hand sanitizer and masks Tampa, FL
4/11/20 New People’s Army fights COVID-19, Armed Forces of Philippines spreads lies Philippines
4/10/20 Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain: “Imperialism is the real virus that kills the people” Spain
4/10/20 University of Minnesota freezes pay for non-union staff Minneapolis, MN
4/10/20 NYC organizers host live stream on tenant rights and organizing under COVID-19 New York, NY
4/10/20 Bernie supporters: Join the Coalition to March on the DNC United States
4/10/20 Unemployment Insurance claims near record high as 6.6 million filed last week San José, CA
4/09/20 Interview with Italian communists on COVID-19 impact and the working class Italy
4/09/20 Fighting for Justice is Essential Work Minnesota
4/08/20 Freedom Road Socialist Organization condemns attacks on Asian Americans United States
4/08/20 Wisconsin FRSO condemns April 7 election farce Milwaukee, WI