Tuesday May 26, 2020
| Last update: Monday at 10:12 PM


Published Title Location
2/07/20 Milwaukee area law enforcement kill two people in one week Milwaukee, WI
2/05/20 Free Bolivian political prisoner Facundo Molares! Bolivia
2/03/20 About the UK's withdrawal from the European Union United Kingdom
2/03/20 Tallahassee residents demand removal of killer cop Police Chief Lawrence Revell Tallahassee, FL
2/03/20 Kenosha, WI: Students plan rally in support of Chrystul Kizer outside DA Graveley's classroom Kenosha, WI
2/02/20 Read Mao Zedong’s article on battle of Stalingrad United States
2/02/20 Minneapolis protest rejects Trump’s expansion of Muslim ban to six new countries Minneapolis, MN
2/01/20 Minneapolis protests anti Palestine “Deal of Century,” racist travel bans Minneapolis, MN
2/01/20 U.S. and European stocks fall again to end the week San Jose, CA
2/01/20 Marinette, WI: Workers at Aurora Medical Center Bay Area stand up to union busting Marinette, WI
1/31/20 East LA demands: “No war against Iran” Los Angeles, CA
1/30/20 Minnesotans tell Klobuchar to drop White House run. Reports say she sent innocent Black teen to prison for life Minneapolis, MN
1/30/20 Students at the University of South Florida rally to increase Black enrollment Tampa, FL
1/30/20 University of Wisconsin nurses seek community support for union effort Madison, WI
1/30/20 Florida: Black state lawmakers demand transparency in Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, justice for Jamee Johnson Tallahassee, FL
1/29/20 USPCN Rejects “Deal of the Century” Palestine
1/29/20 Coalition to March on DNC threatens lawsuit as Milwaukee government denies democratic rights Milwaukee, WI
1/28/20 Stocks fall around the world San José, CA
1/28/20 FRSO Venezuela delegation meets with women in Bolivarian Militia Caracas, Venezuela
1/28/20 Milwaukee: Rally against war on Iraq, Iran Milwaukee, WI
1/27/20 South Florida protest demands: No war on Iran Fort Lauderdale, FL
1/27/20 Philippines: Scrap Visiting Forces Agreement for national sovereignty Philippines
1/26/20 Grand Rapids rallies against U.S. war on Iran, joins worldwide call for U.S. to leave Iraq Grand Rapids, MI
1/26/20 NYC demands: “No War on Iran” New York, NY
1/26/20 Minneapolis builds solidarity with Iraq’s mass movement against U.S. occupation Minneapolis, MN