Saturday March 28, 2020
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3/16/20 Legal experts call on Mayor Lightfoot to enact the Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC) ordinance Chicago, IL
2/09/20 Who is Bill Conway, candidate for Cook County State’s Attorney? Chicago, IL
3/10/20 Standing room only at Chicago International Women’s Day celebration Chicago, IL
3/24/20 UPS workers: What you need to know during the COVID-19 crisis Chicago, IL
2/17/20 Free Gerald Reed Now! Chicago, IL
2/28/20 Protest demands reversal of decision in Chicago police torture survivor case Chicago, IL
1/07/20 Cleveland activists rally against U.S. attack on Iran Cleveland, OH
3/26/20 Colombian prisoners ask for medical help and receive bullets Colombia
1/07/20 Dallas: Hundreds rally against war with Iran Dallas, TX
3/03/20 Denver students celebrate Black History Month Denver, CO
1/22/20 Denver students say: No war on Iran! Denver, CO
1/16/20 Minnesota: Day 2 of snow plow drivers’ strike Duluth, MN
1/15/20 Minnesota: Snow plow drivers on strike Duluth, MN
1/17/20 Minnesota: Major snow storm expected on Day 3 of snow plow drivers’ strike Ely, MN
1/13/20 Hundreds of South Floridians join several days of protests against war with Iran Fort Lauderdale, FL
1/19/20 Embassy Protectors speak out in Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale, FL
1/27/20 South Florida protest demands: No war on Iran Fort Lauderdale, FL
2/22/20 Germany: Lenin comes to Gelsenkirchen! Germany
1/26/20 Grand Rapids rallies against U.S. war on Iran, joins worldwide call for U.S. to leave Iraq Grand Rapids, MI
1/06/20 Grand Rapids, MI protest against war with Iran Grand Rapids, MI
3/17/20 Report from China: COVID-19 a tale of two systems Guangdong, China
2/07/20 Israeli troops kill anti-Trump protester Hebron, Palestine
1/08/20 WFTU solidarity statement with all-India general strike India
3/12/20 Italy: The communists’ efforts in the coronavirus outbreak Italy
1/01/20 Top 20 films of the 2010s Jacksonville, FL