Monday October 14, 2019
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3/12/19 New York City rallies for International Women’s Day New York, NY
4/18/19 New York legal services workers launch indefinite strike New York, NY
9/22/19 New York marches for Puerto Rican independence New York, NY
1/27/19 New York protests U.S. coup attempt in Venezuela New York, NY
6/03/19 New York rallies on Al-Quds Day New York, NY
7/27/19 New York rallies to oust Duterte New York, NY
5/03/19 New Yorkers celebrate May Day New York, NY
2/25/19 New Yorkers march on Wall Street to oppose U.S war on Venezuela New York, NY
1/27/19 New Yorkers rally for Marzieh Hashemi New York, NY
5/24/19 New Yorkers rally in solidarity with Puerto Rican march against Bayer-Monsanto, AES corporations New York, NY
7/28/19 Nicaragua celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Sandinista Popular Revolution Managua, Nicaragua
1/22/19 Nicolás Maduro on the "Socialist Dystopia” Venezuela
6/22/19 No raids, no deportations, no family separations! United States
2/14/19 No Trump Wall! No State of Emergency! United States
2/25/19 North Texas Action Committee holds vigil for Trayvon Martin Dallas, TX
5/30/19 Nurses picket Twin Cites hospitals, fighting for decent contract Minneapolis, MN
6/17/19 NYC event on repression of Puerto Rican liberation struggle New York, NY
4/14/19 NYC event on trade union movement in the Philippines New York, NY
4/13/19 NYC rallies for the Negros 14, farmers killed by Duterte regime New York, NY
5/21/19 NYC remembers Al Nakba New York, NY
5/14/19 On Duterte’s success in rigging the elections Philippines
8/13/19 On the 3-month anniversary of his death, community rallies for #Justice4Jalen Jacksonville
3/05/19 On the 88th Anniversary of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) Venezuela
9/12/19 On the Manila arrest order against Prof. Jose Maria Sison, Chair Emeritus of the ILPS Philippines
1/23/19 Oshkosh rallies against Trump Oshkosh