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Tucson sees 3 actions in one day in solidarity with refugee caravan

Prepares for large rally Saturday at Air Force base
By Jim Byrne |
November 28, 2018
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Tucson, AZ - On November 27, in response to the U.S. government’s brutal use of rubber bullets and tear gas on demonstrators in Tijuana, three actions of solidarity took place in Tucson. One was at an elementary school where a class of children chanted “Solidarity now!” in a video shared on social media. Another was coordinated by a handful of “Ragin’ Grannies” outside Tucson High holding signs that read “Refugees welcome here!” A third action took place at the University of Arizona and had a turnout of over two dozen people. Their two huge banners read “No hate, no fear! Refugees welcome here!”

This coming Saturday, December 1, a coalition of many organizations are preparing for a large demonstration outside the gates of Davis-Monthan Air Force base, which currently houses at least 500 U.S. troops deployed by President Trump. It will be the sixth action Tucson has had in the last three weeks in response to the deployment of U.S. military troops to the Mexican border. The organizations endorsing Saturday’s action include: Coalicion de Derechos Humanos, Alliance for Global Justice, Tucson Anti-War Committee, School of the Americas Watch, Arizona Palestine Solidarity Alliance, Jewish Voice for Peace, LUPE, Nuclear Resister, People’s Defense Initiative, and the Southern Arizona National Lawyers Guild.

These actions are also a part of the Legalization for All Network’s Week of Action to demonstrate solidarity with the Central American refugee caravan.

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Asylum for the Refugee Caravan!

U.S. Out of Latin America!

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