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University of Minnesota Teamsters approve strike authorization vote by large margin

By staff |
November 2, 2017
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Minneapolis, MN – Members of the University of Minnesota Teamsters Local 320 overwhelmingly passed a strike authorization vote, with 85% voting to approve, Nov. 2. The vote was tallied at the Teamster Hall this afternoon, with many Teamsters observing the count.

The University of Minnesota, which has huge financial reserves and cash inflows, has taken a high-handed approach to university workers, and wants to continue to pay poverty wages.

Speaking a press conference after the vote count, Dale Thames, a food service worker at a campus dining hall and a father of two who makes less than $15 per hour, stated ,“Even though I work full time it is difficult for me to provide for my kids. Considering all the amount of money the U has and makes, what they are paying me is not close to a living wage.”

Thames concluded, “I'm tired of poverty wages and I intend to do whatever it takes to get something better.”