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International Workers Day march in Houston, TX

By staff |
May 5, 2016
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International Workers Day march in Houston.
International Workers Day march in Houston. (Fight Back News / Staff)

Houston, TX - Over 100 people marched in Houston to celebrate May Day, despite bad weather. They had signs with slogans such as "Workers and oppressed people of the world, unite," and "Stop the attacks on undocumented people." Many carried red flags. They chanted "Black, brown, Asian, white, all the workers must unite," and "The people, united, will never be defeated.”

Ian Cox, a member of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization said, "May Day is the holiday of the working class and is a day where we can celebrate our victories. The turnout today was great; everyone here is carrying a red flag, and many people from the community applauded us. I am confident that the multi-national working class will put an end to this criminal system of imperialism and make a socialist revolution to create a world that works for us all."