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Minnesota protests the killing of Palestinian children by Israeli forces

By staff |
October 10, 2015
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Minnesota emergency protest against the murder of  Palestinian children
Minnesota emergency protest against the murder of Palestinian children by Israeli Forces (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Columbia Heights, MN - On Oct. 9, 75 people gathered on Central Avenue here to protest the killing of four Palestinian youth, Huthaifa Sulaiman (18), Fadi Alloun (19), Abdul-Rahman Shadi Mustafa (13) and Mohannad Shafiq al-Halabi (19), by Israeli occupation forces on Oct. 4 and 5.

The Anti-War Committee (AWC) organized the protest as an emergency response to the murders. The AWC issued a statement which says, “These clashes have come in response to weeks of escalating attacks, where the Israeli military and settlers in the West Bank have injured hundreds of Palestinians with live ammunition, rubber-coated steel bullets and beatings. Hundreds more people have been injured by tear gas, and scores have been arrested. Israeli soldiers have also reportedly shot at more than a dozen Palestinian ambulances and assaulted paramedics. Under Israeli police protection, settlers have set fire to countless Palestinian homes and fields, while the Old City of Jerusalem is on lockdown and Muslim men under 50 are barred entry to attend prayer at holy sites. According to the Palestinian Prisoners Society, ‘Israeli soldiers kidnapped 562 Palestinians, including dozens of children, mainly in occupied Jerusalem, in September,’ and the mass arrests are ongoing.”

The statement continued, “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to use an ‘iron fist’ against Palestinians, saying, ‘There are no limits on the activities of security forces.’ He plans to speed up the demolitions of Palestinian homes and expand the use of administrative detention. These attacks on basic human rights aim to deliver collective punishment to the Palestinian people, and extend the military occupation of Palestinian land. International law recognizes the right of Palestinians, like any occupied people, to resist.”

The killing of Abdel-Rahman Obeidallah was the 1952th child killed by Israeli forces since 2000.

The protest was organized by the Anti-War Committee and it was endorsed by U.S. Palestinian Community Network-Minnesota Chapter, Students for Justice in Palestine - U of MN chapter, MN Break the Bonds Coalition, and Women Against Military Madness.