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Free the Nashville 5!

by Fernando Figueroa |
July 12, 2014
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Mike Sampson of the Dream Defenders
Mike Sampson of the Dream Defenders (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Nashville, TN - On July 12, five people - Malaya Lynch, Marshawn McCarrel, Aaron Hayes, James Hayes and Mike Sampson - were arrested here without warning. Over 100 people held a protest that coincided with the meeting of the National Governors Association. The cops acted unjustly when they arrested the Nashville 5. The five people were booked by the Davidson County Sheriff's Office and a project is currently underway to raise bail for them.

For more information, please visit https://donate.advancementproject.org/page/contribute/make-a-donation-to... and see how you can help.

The number for the Davidson County Sheriff's Office is 615-862-8123. Please call and demand that the Nashville 5 be released and the charges be dropped.

Free the Nashville 5!
Drop the Charges!