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Jacksonville Progressive Coalition hosts People's Potluck

By staff |
December 13, 2014
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Jacksonville Progressive Coalition organizers raise their fists
Jacksonville Progressive Coalition organizers gather together to raise their fists (Fight Back! News/Staff)
The People's Vanguard performs for the potluck
The People's Vanguard performs for the potluck

Jacksonville, FL - On Dec. 7, about 50 members of the Jacksonville Progressive Coalition attended the second annual People's Potluck. The event brings activists together before the holidays to look back on the year's accomplishments, enjoy a live rap show and eat good food.

After attendees helped themselves to the buffet and were seated, they were treated to a live rap show courtesy of South Georgia revolutionary rap artists, The People's Vanguard. This group works closely with the Progressive Coalition and participates in Jacksonville protests. Rag Mathis of the rap group said, “Only those who understand, that together everyone achieves more, will witness and rejoice in freedom and liberation.”

Afterward attendees watched a video highlighting the year's events, protests and marches. People applauded the victorious anti-racism campaign to rename Nathan B. Forrest High School. Forrest was the Ku Klux Klan’s first Grand Wizard and a Confederate officer notorious for committing war crimes. The new name is Westside High School. The video also showed the massive rallies in Jacksonville in outrage against the Israeli bombing of Palestine and police killing of Mike Brown over the past summer. From demanding “Hands off Syria” to winning a conviction for the white vigilante killer of African American youth Jordan Davis, the Jacksonville Progressive Coalition had a busy and successful year.

Master of ceremonies Estafania Galvis recognized organizers from the anti-war, labor, queer liberation and African American freedom movements for their contributions to the growing struggle in Jacksonville. Organizers Fernando Figueroa and Richard Blake presented many awards. Wells Todd, Etta Ettlinger, Willie Hager, Bill Miniutti and Karen Morian received Longtime Freedom Fighter Awards for their dedication to the struggle and willingness to continue training newer activists.

The night concluded with a rousing speech by organizer Dave Schneider. “Although all of us here have very different struggles, we all gather here tonight because we know that together we are stronger to fight our common enemy. We live in a world where more and more of us are realizing that the people have the power to throw this rotten system away and replace it with something better.” The evening closed out with an encore performance by The People's Vanguard.